Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zig Zagging

Christmas Shopping, don’t you just love it and how many of you still have a bit to do before time runs out, and how many of you wait until Christmas Eve to start, Cindy and I went out yesterday to finish up some of our shopping, I keep thinking we should be finished but I know my wife, rather than start shopping on Christmas Eve she will continue shopping until then.

Shopping in the Winter Wonderland that is Southern California caused us to brave the cold, frigid, icy, grab your heavy jacket, OK I will have to admit that shopping when it is about seventy five degrees is not too bad and with this said there was no jacket required during this shopping trip.

I decided to practice a bit of what I have been preaching lately, I also made a point of observing people because I do love to people watch and there is a diverse group of folks to watch in the area we live. I have suggested being nice to people and giving each one you meet a smile, hello, have a nice day, and Merry Christmas while you are out and about, I held as many doors as I could and really enjoyed the smiles I received in return, I did get a few grumpy looks and sighs of disgust as I held doors open with my crutch tips held firmly at the bottom of the doors but that’s OK, I made an effort and if they didn’t appreciate it right away maybe they will give someone else a hand later on.

While observing people one man I noticed was standing in line ahead of us talking loudly to himself it appeared, he was really animated and talking in a language I didn’t recognize, as he laughed and pointed and continued talking I looked to see if he was wearing a bluetooth device on his ear, I have made the mistake of thinking someone was either talking to themselves or me in the past when they actually had a cell phone conversation going on, this man seemed so happy with his conversation and paid for his purchase without ever acknowledging anyone around him, as he walked out the door his arms were still waving and he was still talking as if someone was right by his side, Cindy thinks he was talking to himself but I don’t know, I never saw sign of a cell phone device but I did see an animated individual who was laughing a good bit and enjoying his day, that is not a such bad thing in my opinion.

A young woman in another shop dressed in military pants, a heavy jacket, scarf, and hat drew attention as she stood in a corner and scribbled on a tablet, like I said before it was 75 degrees outside but to each their own I suppose, she actually stood in line behind us and when it came her turn to be waited on she turned her back and scribbled on her tablet, the clerk looked at me and I suggested that she may be writing down what she wanted, the clerk asked her if this was what she was doing and the young woman walked away, to make a long story short she turned her head and spoke to no one, she scribbled on her tablet the whole time she was in the store, turned her back whenever approached, and shared her writings with no one, she left the store right behind us going to her car and retrieving what looked like a long walking stick, last I saw her she was standing in front of another store window scribbling on her tablet, when we passed back by her car was gone, this young woman was out and about among the crowd but at the same time was all by herself, whatever she was scribbling I pray finds her an answer for whatever was keeping her to herself, no one should be that alone among good people in my opinion.

One major department store we ended up in I found myself going in circles like the little kid in the Family Circus comic, you know the one who is going to a house just up the block but zig zag’s all over town before he gets there, well this was me following Cindy through all the clothes racks and back again, we finally landed in a section of nightgowns which Cindy and about four other ladies were all going over one particular rack, I smiled to myself as I watched this group laugh and enjoy each others company, I tried my best to stay out of their way, Cindy really enjoyed talking with these ladies and found out more about their lives and shared a lot of ours with them in about a half hours time than most families learn about each other in a lifetime, I wished them all a Merry Christmas as we turned to leave and got a group of smiles and well wishes in return. These ladies were a blessing to see and Cindy having a bit of conversation made each of their day and Cindy’s too a little bit better, sit down and talk to your family when you can and even talk with strangers when you meet, because without conversation you never learn anything about anybody and with conversation you meet friends and stay close to your family.

Shopping in a Winter Wonderland was really a lot of fun for me, there are a lot of good people out there who are happy and a lot who need a bit of understanding, I see good things in our future and I know good and well that this was not out last shopping experience this season, I do think I will take a lesson I saw in an elderly man who was sitting by himself in front of a store staring at the floor, I said Merry Christmas to him as we passed by and he smiled, he came out of the store soon after us walking on a cane with his wife by his side laughing and talking as they made their way to their car, this man sat on a bench in front of the store while his wife zig zagged through all the racks and came out with a basket full of goodies, I think I will skip the zig zagging and find myself a place to rest next time we go shopping, although on second thought it is fun to try and keep up.


  1. Oh, what wonderful Christmas shopping story, Jimmy!

    Reading about you and Cindy is like watching my favorite sitcom on TV!

    BRAVO to you for getting out there and spreading holiday cheer!

    Don't ya just love people watching in stores and malls? I get more blog post ideas, just from observing people.

    And please tell Cindy, this is yet another area where she and I are alike...

    "Cindy really enjoyed talking with these ladies and found out more about their lives and shared a lot of ours with them in about a half hours time than most families learn about each other in a lifetime."

    HAHAHAAHAHAHA! I'm the same way. I can find out more about a customer, just from chatting with them for 10 mins. I love to talk and share with people!

    Throughly enjoy this post, buddy!

  2. P.S. Oooops! I meant to say Thoroughly enjoyed this post. I need to carry a spell checker with me - HA!

  3. You should write a book on People Watching. Sounds like you find quite the characters:)

    I was at the Post Office the other day and a lady behind me wouldn't quit talking.... but there was no one there to talk to. I never did see any type of device or contraption attached to her...maybe it was hiding.
    Maybe...she just thought herself to be good company:)

    Love your take on the Shopping experience. (Wish it was that warm here;)

  4. Twice in the past week, I've seen people talking to themselves without any visible bluetooth! Maybe there are a lot of stressed out folks!

    We are in full winter gear mode with over a foot of snow on the ground. It's hard to shop with heavy coats, gloves and scarves. You get hot! Sometimes I leave it all in the car and do a major sprint into the mall!

    Maybe the scribbler was one of those secret shoppers, taking notes on the store??

  5. Happy and Merry Christmas to you both! Don't spend toooo much on me, ok?

  6. I love to People Watch...there is actually a book about it, the way people react to certain situations and it is an interesting read!
    Yes, I have all my Christmas shopping done...I think, but I' know for a fact that being a woman there will be more things to buy!
    Oh no, I hate wrapping up gifts, that is the worst part, the rest I can deal with.

    On another note, technology changes all the time. You buy some gadget and it is almost obsolete by the time you get home. Maybe it was an electronic note-pad that the girl was writing on.
    Big hugs to you both.

  7. That is so awesome that you took time to LOOK and reach out to people. Isn't it strange that some--are startled by it and wonder what you ANGLE is for being nice! Isn't that a shame!

    I have to return some stuff to Best Buy, and would rather get a root canal!

    But shopping with You Two would be a BLAST!!!!

    Another fantastic post!


  8. Hey Ron, “Reading about you and Cindy is like watching my favorite sitcom on TV!” Man it feels like a sitcom on this end a lot of times too Ha Ha, I do love people watching and yes a lot of posts come from watching folks

    Dawn, I have seen so many different people in just the last few days that I could probably write a book :^) tomorrow is a new day and after it I just may have to write one.

    Hey Cocotte, Isn’t it funny how hot you can get dressing for the cold, like you when I lived in colder areas I would leave my coat in the car just so I wouldn’t get so hot once inside, I wondered too if she was a secret shopper but still am not sure.

    Merry Christmas to you too Joe, Now I will do my best to control my spending when it comes to you Buddy if you promise to do the same for me :^)

  9. Alice, Hopefully after tomorrow all of ours will be done too, we are actually teaming up with Bob and Martha for a final run at the stores Ha Ha we will see what happens with that.

    I suppose it could have been some sort of electronic device she was using, from my angle it appeared to be a spiral pad but I really wasn’t that close after all.
    Hugs back to you my Good Friend

    Thank You Becca :^)

    Hey John, I like talking with people and Cindy says that it seems that I always run into an old friend when in fact the majority of people I am talking to I have never seen before, not being from here it’s unlikely I would find anyone I know---right

    Yes Sir it is a shame that people have to worry about what may happen when someone is nice to them when all that is going on is common courtesy, Good Luck with your Best Buy return my Friend.

  10. This warms my heart! I don't think I'll ever hear my husband say he enjoyed a Christmas shopping trip...oh wait, he never goes...he shops online! I don't like shopping much either, but to go out like that and be more of an observer would be fun. Sounds like you and Cindy encountered lots of interesting people while you were out!

  11. Yes SuziCate, This old world is full of interesting people and it's funny how many we miss seeing when we are just not observing, human nature I suppose.

  12. I vote for sitting on the bench smiling and nodding to all. I am not good at shopping...I'm a go in and get it and get out kind of shopper. My wife has a different view of the shopping experience. To follow her is to become impatient. The bench for me.

  13. Hey Jimmy,

    If I have to return the stuff....does it still count as a BEST BUY?? Maybe I'll get some BBBB Batteries! I too stumble over words!

    Blessings my Fav Blogger friend!

  14. I'm a people watcher too.. That is how I learn, I think.Ha!!

    If I see someone frowning or acting grumpy, I go out of my way to smile or say something off the wall to maybe help them break that down moment. Sometimes it works, sometimes not..

    I have not started the Christmas shopping adventure yet, but when I do I'm sure to encounter some interesting souls.
    This is a great story for us all to learn by..
    Thank you for being you.. we need more of you!!!

  15. Hey Jerry, Went shopping again yesterday and sitting on the bench is looking better all the time :^)

    John, Usually it is a Best Buy but only if you don’t have to return it, did you check the BBB Batteries before you took it back Ha Ha

    Hey Lynne, I so want to hear about your experiences when you start your shopping experience, it will be more busy and frantic as time goes on and I just know the characters you see will be in need of a smile and good word, an off the wall statement sometimes gets a laugh but that confused look sometimes gives you one :^)

    Thank You my Dear Friend


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