Thursday, December 30, 2010

Losing The Handle

I have used the term many times “I’ve got a handle on it” meaning everything is under control, or “You better get a handle on that” meaning my suggestion is for you to pay attention to what you are doing before you lose control of whatever it is you are doing.

What about “I can handle that” this one goes back to “I’ve got a handle on that” only better, this one means that I haven’t started on whatever it is I am going to handle but I am suggesting that there will be no problem with whatever it is I am attempting to handle.

“What’s your handle?” or “My handle is” this suggests a name or an alias so to say, remember the CB radios? Citizen Band that is, yes a lot of us had them and we all had a handle, always something clever that would completely disguise your identity from everyone you were talking to, OK almost everyone recognized your voice and knew you anyway so the handle was just something cool to have.

Grab the handle if you are going to move that pot, this handle is that thing attached to the side of the object you are trying to handle, you always should use the handle, to handle the object you are attempting to handle, just remember that or you will have a hard time handling it.

Do you have a handle on life or do you feel like you are losing it? Remember back when you were first out on your own and had to handle whatever was thrown in your lap, life is hard and we learn to handle it by living it, it’s not the same for all of us but at the same time, we handle it by watching everyone else grab the handle so to say.

It’s easy to get yourself depressed and feel like you are losing the handle, everything you attempt just does not work the same as it did in the past, and whatever you are looking for is no longer there, because they don’t make it like that anymore, life is like this, things change and we have to pass the handle to those kids we brought into the world, because it’s their turn to handle it.

So next time you are out trying to handle things, and it seems that no matter what you try, it appears that you are just not handling it that well, pass that handle to the kids and sit back and wait, because they will come back for advice on how to handle things, give them the best advice you can and grab the handle to give them a hand, handling the things that need to be handled, sit back and tell them stories of how you handled things back in the day, and smile when they laugh at you for losing the handle because deep down inside without you, they couldn’t handle it.

How are you handling life? I think deep down you just may have a handle on it.


  1. Very good. I can handle all that life has given us handlers!

  2. Hey Barb, We have to handle it so we can tell the kids how to handle it when it's their turn..right :)

  3. love this but there are days were i think that the handle i have on life just might hve broken off

  4. What handles know what am I supposed to do with this paddle, I thought paddles were the thing sure someone said don't be without a paddle, erm maybe if I ram it in hard enough I can make it a handle but then I'm without a paddle arrrgh what to do.

  5. You handled this thought well Jimmy!
    I like the thought of handing things over:)

  6. Hey Becca, I think we all feel that way at times, good thing about it is when you spin it around there is usually a handle on the other side we can grab :^)

  7. Chibi Janine, The paddle is a good thing to hang on to also, we have to use the handle to grasp onto things in life and to manage, pass the job of handling things down to the kids when they get old enough but never be up the creek without your paddle.

  8. Thank You Dawn, That is the hard part but once we hand the job of handling things over then life does get easier.

  9. Oh, what a GREAT post, Jimmy!

    And what an awesome way to look at life and 'handling' it!

    I so agree!

    And I had to chuckle when you shared about CB radios and using a handle - I totally forgot about that! I never had a CB radio, but always wanted one as a kid. Now, most kids have a cell phone - HA!

    I handle life by taking it as it comes. Some things I have control over, others I don't. I try and look for the lessons in each experience, so that regardless of how challenging life may be at times, I learn and grow.

    Hope you had a super day, buddy!

  10. Hey Ron, I did the old CB routine for a while but I think for the most part they have been replaced by the cell phones.

    "I handle life by taking it as it comes. Some things I have control over, others I don't. I try and look for the lessons in each experience, so that regardless of how challenging life may be at times, I learn and grow."

    I like what you said here Ron Thank You Buddy!!

  11. Hey Jimmy! Ten-four good buddy!

    I loved playing CB with my dad and he still had a scanner up to the day he died. :-)

    I am a pretty decent handler. I take it all in stride. Every once in a while I lose my grip, but I always re-adjust (maybe even juggle a bit). I'm glad life is always interesting.

    By the way, iPhone has an app called Heytell. You record and speak and it's sorta like a modern day CB. I talk to my daughter on it a lot. Ha.

  12. With all I have gone through, I think I handled things rather well and my kids saw that and now hopefully will be able to handle their situations with grace..

    So I'll keep the handle in my hand until it's time to officially hand it off to the next set of hands..(Whew!!!!)

    Jimmy, wanted to say thank you my friend for being so supportive and may you and Cindy have a beautiful New Years Eve!!!!

    Happy New Years!!!!

  13. The Only time I TRULY have a Handle on it is when I go back to my Foundation on THE ROCK!

    I know people throw out Jesus' name all the time--but He--Is my Handler, and helps me handle all!


    God Bless you and Cindy- and a Happy and Blessed New Yer is coming!!!

  14. Hey Angelia, Yep spent many hours playing on the CB :^)

    Re-adjusting and juggling is what it takes to keep a good grip on the handle at times, if we are not doing that, then something is just not realistic, that does keep life interesting.

  15. Lynne, It appears to me you have handled all that has been thrown at you with grace, I am sure your kids have learned a lot from you and will remember that when it is time to officially grasp the handle being passed down to them.

    I look forward to a Great 2011 and with your friendship added I am so blessed my friend.

  16. Hey John, You are so right because without Him there is nothing to grasp onto, Jesus name is thrown around a lot but in my heart I know what I believe and that Rock is the foundation we all live on.

  17. Great job handling that subject Jimmy! Looks like you got a handle on everything! Loved it!

  18. Great post Jimmy!
    Granny used to say "if you don't handle what comes your way, what comes your way is going to handle you! So make a choice!"
    I miss granny...

  19. Thank You Peg, I am proud to see you my Dear Friend, trying to keep hold of the handle is harder than it looks sometimes, but well worth holding on.

  20. Hey Pat, That statement shows how smart Granny was, we need more people like Granny now days.


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