Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fish And Family

They say that Fish and Family both stink after three days, well sometimes this is not always true, for family anyway, fish that is another story as they sometimes stink right away, and sad to say this can be true for family at times too.

We all have had family drop in unannounced at one time or another and just seem to get on every last nerve you have, you really don’t have room for them to stay at your place, and they can’t afford to stay in a motel so being the good host you make arrangements for them, you bunk the kids together moving them all into one room and wish you had just said no, not to having kids but to moving them into one room, you know this is just the tip of the iceberg, because someone is going to have a problem and in the end it will all be your fault.

Family is having such a good time at your place the time for them to go home comes right away, but they decide to stay for a few more days, this turns into a full blown vacation trip at your expense because they all of a sudden have no money, especially when it comes to buying little things like food, heck it is your house and they are only visiting so why should they buy groceries, you all of a sudden run out of beer before you ever got to the first one, but they can find it in their heart to remind you to restock but it would be nice if you bought another brand than the one you usually buy, trying to keep the peace you hold your tongue hoping the week will come to an end and the time for them to leave will arrive, you know this is still your fault..Right?

I have been a little out of pocket so to say this last week with family, and have missed visiting a lot of you fine folks, I hope to drop in and catch up with you all in the next few days and I do plan to fill you in on our little adventures with the kids, I hope to not overstay my welcome and whatever brand of beer you buy is just fine with me since you bought it, I am sure proud to have had you all drop in at our place in my absence and feel blessed that you didn’t give up on me for reaching back into the archives in lieu of actually posting something new a couple of times.
I am sad to report that the kids’ visit came and went way too fast, we were actually sad to see them leave, they made it home just fine and I am proud to say there is no fishy smell of a visit gone bad left behind. We did offer to keep Benjamin, but as good parents Tim and Elisa respectfully declined our offer.


  1. Ahh, nice post. So true too! Glad you're back.

  2. glad your back and so happy you got to spend time with family

  3. We've got some Sam Adams if you are stopping over....

    Love the photo!

  4. They wouldn't let you keep Ben? What in the world is wrong with them? LOL Seriously though, I'm glad you had a good time. I always get excited to see my family, even if I'd just seen them the day before.

  5. Sounds like you had some wonderful family times! Aren't they the best?

  6. Listen, if you and Cindy ever come to Philly for a visit, I would gladly stock up on the beer brand of YOUR choice - absolutely!

    Sounds like you had a super time with your family! The photo of you, Cindy, and Benjamin is soooo adorable!

    So glad you're back, buddy! And I look forward to hearing more about your little adventures!

    Have a great day, Jimmy!

  7. I love the way you look at the world, Jimmy.

    Guests are a blessing and a curse. It's hard to live with other people because they mess up the house routine, and there are compromises... always compromises. Funny how people don't think it costs anyone anything when they stay at someone else's house, but it really does. I always try to buy my host a meal or a gift or something, and disturb their routine as little as possible. Too bad not everyone does the same... (talking about my guests, not yours, hahaha)

  8. My daughter and her husband and their baby used to come and visit and stay and stay and stay. I love them all, but a night would turn into a week or two. Yikes! The things that wouldn't leave! Still, I love to see them come, but I like it when they leave too.

  9. Hi Jimmy,
    I've missed your regular presence. You've hit on a problem that crosses borders. Funny how we parents can push the kids into sharing rooms on occasion without necessarily giving them the chance to say "We don't want to do that" although they might have with good reasons for their views. Where I come from there are few families who can easily house and feed visiting families for extended periods without straining budgets and relationships.
    Glad you were able to enjoy some of your visitors, especially Benjamin and his parents.

  10. Hi Jimmy, yes, I think that we have all been there before.....good to see them, good to see them leave! But fitting in your day to day routine around a house full is a strain on anyone.
    At least now you have your home back, time to put up your feet and have a beer!

    Big hugs to you both!

  11. Thank You Barb and Becca

    Cocotte, Sam Adams works for me :^)

    Tress, I didn’t see a reason why he couldn’t stay with us, but you know how some parents are Ha Ha

    Yes Betty, this was a good trip, I was sad to see them go home.

    Hey Ron, I’ll remember that if we ever make it over to Philly, and I just may hold you to it Ha Ha, Benjamin is such a happy little boy; Tim and Elisa are turning into great parents.

  12. Kristy, I too always try to pitch in and help out when visiting anyone, I know the cost goes up when you have guests and for the most part you don’t mind, but the ones who think they can take over your space and make demands are the ones you wish would just find a motel, Tim and Elisa helped out a whole lot and made it known they were grateful.

    Hey Linda, Yes you love to see them both come and go, no matter what they leave behind :^) Grandbabies are awesome aren’t they?

    Holmesfan, So many children make these type of sacrifices without ever being asked for their opinions, I suppose as parents we assume that they don’t mind, I have been both the child and the parent in this situation, funny it took me becoming the Grandparent to ever see it, like you pointed out I don’t think most people can accommodate visitors for an extended period, Tim and Elisa were the best guests we have had in a long time, Benjamin is a happy baby.

    Hey Emily, Good to see them and Good to see them go, this is true for most guests and isn’t the house quiet once everyone leaves?

    Hugs my Dear Friend

  13. I've never heard that phrase before! I really like it! I'm glad you had a nice visit...

  14. Thank You Pat, I have heard that phrase all my life it seems and have seen it played out a few times too Ha Ha

  15. I don't know why but all of a sudden none of your pictures are showing up on my computer. I wanna see pics of yall with the grandbaby too! Do I sound like a whiny baby yet? LOL I am so glad yall had a great visit with the family!

  16. Hey Peg, Not sure why the pictures wouldn't show up, I sure wouldn't keep them from you :^), now don't whine we will figure a way to share them with you.


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