Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Children Are Here

I have mentioned more than once that our children are the leaders of the future, it is our job to raise them to the best of our ability, teach them right from wrong, and to believe in themselves and God, if we do this then the torch is passed and we have to sit back and trust them to do the right thing.

Spending time with Tim and Elisa last week we were blessed with their company, and also were allowed a chance to spoil Benjamin to the point that Elisa pondered on how long it would take for her to undo some of the spoiling we gave him, I stated that all the spoiling was allowed under the Grandparents Rights act, she laughed and agreed that she already knew this and actually had no problem with what we were doing.

We had some things that needed worked on around the house and Tim asked about them, I told him that I was waiting for everyone to leave before I decided how I was going to get these things done, Tim smiled and next thing I know he has rolled up his sleeves and began taking care of a few jobs I just couldn’t get done, Cindy’s Dad was watching him and questioned some of his techniques, “How do you know how to fix this” he asked, Tim looked at him and said “Because Jimmy taught me when I was younger”, I was impressed at how professional and confident he looked, and really felt blessed that he gave me credit for teaching him.

We went up to Oak Glen, CA and took the kids to the zoo, coming back we were talking about local history and which stars had lived in the area, we listened to music that I knew well but Elisa didn’t recognize some of the words, we had a good laugh when I had to correct her on what was actually said when Hank Sr. was singing, and she now has a better appreciation for him rather than thinking him a bad guy due to misunderstanding a few words. Stars of our day they didn’t know, TV shows of our day they have not seen, and conversations about these things turned into a history lesson for them, rather than reminiscing about the past as I was trying to do, I remember smiling at my parents when they talked about things from their past when I was younger too.

I watched our youngest child take care of his son and watch lovingly while his wife talked, I watched our youngest child make repairs and talk about the proper way to fix things, I listened to him recollect on how young he was when he started helping me make repairs around the house, I also saw how well his wife handled their baby, and how happy Benjamin is, this shows me that they have a happy home and their plans will someday come true.

I remember both of these kids being very young, it seems like yesterday that they were both playing in our yard never knowing that one day they would be married, these little ones have made me really proud to see that they are up to the challenges that life will throw into their laps, I mentioned that our children are the leaders of the future, well folks I am proud to say The Children Are Here.


  1. Such a nice story Jimmy. I hope someday my son will put his anger aside and become the great person that I know he can be.

  2. It's so lovely to see things come full circle and to watch your kids all grown and well...beautiful job, Jimmy and Cindy!

  3. "I stated that all the spoiling was allowed under the Grandparents Rights act"

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! You GO, Jimmy! And you're absolutely right!!!

    Can I just tell ya' how much this post touched my heart? It did! And it did to the point of getting me a bit teary-eyed, because I could actually feel all the tender love your wonderful family has for one another....

    "I watched our youngest child take care of his son and watch lovingly while his wife talked..."

    Just beautiful!

    Glad you had a great time spoiling Benjamin. I would have too!

    Great post, my friend!

    Say Hi to Cindy for me!

  4. Wonderful kids. You've done a good job.

  5. Hey Barb, Thank You my Friend, I hope for you and your Son that the anger goes away, I can say that I feel your pain, I have one I am afraid will never come around, and you can only beat your head against a brick wall for so long, I pray that it will come together for you because you deserve to be close with him.

    Thank You SuziCate, It feels pretty good to sit back and watch them all grown up and living life well, life does come full circle and our family has the start of another circle with Benjamin who is going to be a carbon copy of Tim I am thinking.

  6. Ron, I had to throw the Grandparents Act into her face because I knew she would get a laugh out of it, which she did Ha Ha

    I am so proud you enjoyed reading about the kids and I have a feeling you would just have a ball laughing and helping to spoil Benjamin too, he has such an infectious smile, it is so cool.

    Cindy says Hi Buddy!!

    Hey MC, Thank you so much, I appreciate you my Friend.

  7. Sounds like you raised some wonderful kids, Jimmy. That is no surprise since you definitely are a warm-hearted person.

  8. That is awesome, Jimmy! And how cool that you knew your daughter-in-law as a child too.

    I'm embarrassed that my 16 year old son doesn't know how to do anything around the house. My husband has been so focused on him taking advanced classes and playing tennis that there hasn't been much extra time to learn life skills. He will pay for that later in life, I'm sure.

  9. great story and how wonderful that this young man remember you being a teacher to him

  10. Thank You Krissy, I am proud of them :)

    Cocotte, Yes she was a friend of our Neice and came to the house with her, your Son will learn in good time my Friend.

    Hey Becca, I thought it was pretty cool for him to mentioned it too.

  11. Nice story Jimmy! You did a good job. It's always nice to think we've done well by our kids. We have five, all now adults. the jury is still out on a couple of 'em...LOL...

  12. I'm with Ron. I can just tell by your words how much you love your family and how proud you are of them. You obviously did a great job raising them and you and Cindy have a lot to be proud of.

  13. Hey Pat, I understand the Jury being out statement Ha Ha Thank you sir I appreciate you.

    Thank You Peg, I do Love them all more than they even know sometimes, it's been a long hard road but I am proud to have traveled it.


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