Sunday, February 13, 2011

It Wasn’t The Flu

How do you know that you really Love someone, and what are the reasons that cause you love that person?

Trust could be a quality that causes you to love..Right?

Sitting in a dark restaurant enjoying a meal with the person you love, when she says “Hey try this”, you turn your head and open your mouth totally trusting her choice only to get a mouthful of pea salad, even after you had told her repeatedly that you hate peas, her explanation is something to the effect of, “I really thought you may like pea salad, I seriously didn’t think you hated peas that bad”, I suppose my reaction may have appeared over exaggerated, the waitress thought the gagging was unnecessary, and we may not be welcome in that restaurant again, but to this day I still hate peas.

Do I trust her, yes I do but when it comes to food and before opening my mouth after hearing “Hey try this” I choose to look at the spoon, candlelight dinners are nice but pea salad is easier to spot with the lights on.

Unexpected surprises in your daily life could be another..Right?

In the shower, all soaped up and really enjoying the relaxing feel of the hot water spraying on my body, you know how good this feels, but what do you feel when you hear the bathroom door open and hear your loved ones voice whisper “Honey, what are you doing” and to your surprise you feel an entire pitcher of ice water flying over the top of the shower door completely erasing the feel of the hot water.

Did I smile and say “Good one honey” or did I say words I didn’t know I knew? Neither it was all of a sudden an episode reminiscent of Ray Stevens song The Streak as I jumped from the shower and chased her all the way through the house, she was going out the front door when I caught her and carried her back to the shower which was still running full blast, Cindy fully clothed and still holding an empty ice water pitcher joined me in the shower.

Laughter and surprises are part of love, the surprise of cold water may not give you a warm feeling in your heart, and getting your clothes washed while you are wearing them may not either, but laughing about both years later definitely does.

Not being able to tell what your gut is saying, may tell you something.

That warm gooey feeling in the pit of your stomach that you can't differentiate whether it’s one of Cupids arrows or the flu, the one you feel while you are sitting and waiting for the phone to ring, she was supposed to call you back but the phone does not ring, you don’t want to seem desperate because she did say that she would return your call, but it’s been hours and the phone still hasn’t rang.

Giving up, I called her number to leave a message that I was turning in for the night, she answered asking why I had not answered the phone as she had been calling all night long, now it was all of a sudden my fault, Thanks to the AT&T Analog Network of the time, my cell phone was not receiving calls, we sat and talked until the batteries died and have not needed a phone to talk with each other since, I guess it wasn’t the flu, because we are still talking.

My best suggestion about Love is to not question it, Love does not need a reason nor does it need an explanation, when you are in love you will just know questions asked.
Happy Valentines Day.


  1. Gotta say, the ice-water in the shower gambit would be a deal-breaker for me. I get homicidal with a blast from a garden hose.

  2. Really nice Jimmy!
    love wants what it wants...
    I'm glad it wanted the same things I did!

  3. What a great post for today! Cindy is quite the prankster and I'm so happy that you found each other! Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

    (p.s. I can relate to the phone problems - lol)

  4. "“Honey, what are you doing” and to your surprise you feel an entire pitcher of ice water flying over the top of the shower door completely erasing the feel of the hot water."

    Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha! OMG, I LOVE CINDY! You GO, girl!

    Please tell her that's something I would do too!

    "Love is to not question it, Love does not need a reason nor does it need an explanation, when you are in love you will just know questions asked."

    Beautifully said, my friend!

    Wonderful post!

    Wishing you and Cindy a HAPPY VALENTINE'S Day!

    X to you both.

  5. Happy Valentine's Day to you (and Cindy too!) I'm going to try that shower thing on HOB! I am sure he'll get a big kick out of it!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to you too Jimmy :-)

  7. My best suggestion about Love is to not question it, Love does not need a reason nor does it need an explanation, when you are in love you will just know questions asked.
    --You hit the nail on the head. And too funny about the shower incident!

  8. Hahaha! I used to do that ice water trick to Mike all the time. And my mom used to do it to my dad. Must be the mark of true love!

    But I never try to make my husband take a bite of something I know he wont like. That might be a deal breaker for him.

    I agree it's the little things that make love good. There is no romantic gesture that warms my heart as much as the little everyday things we do for each other. Anyone can buy roses, but only my hubby knows that making me a cup of hot tea when I'm not feeling well will melt my heart faster than the most expensive bouquet!

    Well said Jimmy.

  9. Happy Valentines Day, Jimmy! You and Cindy are both very lucky to have found each other.

  10. those are some real nice memories you shared...

  11. great post and happy valentines's day hope it's a great one

  12. Welcome Murr Brewster, I should do a post strictly about all of our water battles over the years, I don’t get too upset on getting wet like this as we have had a lot of good times with a water hose.

    Hey Pat, It does feel good to find someone with the same wants as you, I’m proud you have that my Friend.

    Happy Valentines Day Bijoux, Yes she can be quite the prankster and I am blessed to have found her, the phone problems I still have so I just talk to her in person now :^)

    Good to see you Barb, I’m happy you enjoyed the post my Friend.

    Hey Ron, Happy Valentines Day to you too Buddy, the water prank is really funny depending on which side of the door you are on Ha Ha

    Thank You so much my Friend.

    Happy Valentines Betty, Yes I can see HOB getting a big kick out of this one, now just remember it wasn’t my idea OK :^)

  13. Thank You CB, And a Happy Valentines to you also.

    Hey SuziCate, Thank You my Dear Friend, yes we still laugh about that shower incident, you have to love someone to allow it to happen I suppose Ha Ha

    Spot, I am afraid we have passed this one down to our kids too Ha Ha but that’s OK little family traditions like this keep everyone smiling.

    I am so with you on little things like a good cup of tea being more important than spending a bunch of money on candy and jewelry, even though these things are nice, there is true love behind random acts of kindness for your loved one.

    Thank You Linda, I feel blessed to have her in my life, a Happy Valentines Day to you too.

    Hey Caterpillar, Family memories are made each day and I feel proud to share our good times.

    Thank You Becca, It has been a great day and I hope your Valentines Day was even better.

  14. Jimmy, since I came to blogger I have found the love of internet friends. The likes I never knew before. You are at the top of that list. Love is a truly boundless and beautiful.
    May you & Cindy have that fun, explosive love love for all the days..all the day.
    Happy V-Day my friend!!!

  15. Lynne, I am honored to have you as a friend, I so enjoy having you in our little family here and heres to a Great Valentines to you also.

  16. Hahhaaa....Oh Man. I couldn't quit laughing when I read the ice water-shower episode. I have done the exact same thing!! (I KNEW she and I could be good friends;)
    Seriously....great post. Love knows no boundaries....thankfully.

    Hope your day was a wonderful one!!

  17. Hey Dawn, I can so see how much fun would be had if you and Cindy ever get together, the pranks would begin and I have a feeling I know who they would be played on Ha Ha

  18. Ah! So true Jimmy. Wonderful gooey stuff in the post. Perfect for Valentines. Love how your relationship is so fun and care-free FULL of spirit!

    Hope you had a most excellent day. :-)

  19. Thank You Angelia, I look forward to care free and fun times in the relationship you are forming with your family :)


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