Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Water Wars

The shower incident we talked about in my last post was just a minor deal compared to some of the water fights around our home, it all appears to have started back when Cindy and I were dating, I got my house all cleaned up and looking so good so I could make a good impression, needless to say by the time the day was over we actually had the kids dragging a water hose into my kitchen, this was their plan to give me a payback for simply squirting them with the kitchen sink sprayer, it was a lot of fun and mopping the floor more than once in a day works out well sometimes, even if a squeegee is involved.

The kitchen sink sprayer has come into play more than once, have you ever turned the water on to find the handle on the sprayer has been tied down with a rubber band, and the sprayer has been strategically turned to dowse you with a blast of the water you were expecting to come out of the faucet, this one has played out more than once and I fear it will happen again.

During a barbeque or birthday party I have seen water hoses appear from the houses on either side of us and once even from across the street, to meet up with ours for a neighborhood water war so to say, we had the boys against the girls one evening that ended up with no winners and everyone wet, I didn’t have to water my grass for most of that summer. Even on our trip to New Mexico when Benjamin was born, we had a birthday party for Randy that ended up in a water fight.
Everyone got wise to the water hoses and would really pay attention, when folks get wise you have to improvise, five gallon buckets of water on the roof came into play to payback for a simple splash of water from a glass, Cindy got the first dose of this when she splashed Casey (the young man I told you about in Another Son) with a glass of water on her way off the porch going next door for a few minutes, on her return she was walking slowly looking for Casey to be sitting on the porch with a payback, just about the time she noticed he wasn’t there and relaxed, you could see the water hit directly on top of her head, Casey was sitting on the roof with a five gallon bucket of water.

This one worked so well that another friend used it on the neighbor girl, Falon had sprayed Dave with water and ran home before he could retaliate, stating that she had work to do and didn’t want to get wet, Dave agreed and allowed her to leave without incident, he calmly came back to our house and borrowed a five gallon bucket, filled it with water and climbed onto Falons roof, she was on the back deck cleaning up when Dave quietly walked to the edge of the roof and slowly dumped the bucket of water, we could hear her scream all the way to our front porch, she later told us that she could hear the sound of the water falling and knew it was too late to do anything but scream.

Yes there were paybacks but the funniest thing I remember on this one was Dave and Falon battling with hoses from our house and the neighbors, Casey jumped in to help Dave and was lying in the driveway between our vehicles attempting to kink the hose Falon was using, he actually had Dave’s hose which was a non kink hose and Dave saw what he was doing, so just to be fair Casey came away looking like a drowned rat and learned an important lesson.

In a game of water wars always let the people in charge of the nozzle know which side you are on, and if you are kinking a hose but the water is still flowing, turn loose of the hose and run.


  1. We do this fun stuff at my house 'cuz I'm the FUN grannie!
    But actually, I just wanted to comment because I think the name Falon is so cool!

  2. hahahaa...Oh Yeah! The water fights. Sounds like my family should have yours in a showdown;))

    Although...we would have to drive down to you....our hoses are frozen and will be for a couple more months;))

  3. One of the best memories I have of my ex-marriage was a genuine, old fashioned water gun fight. My son and ex bought these new guns called "super soakers" that shoot water far & fast.
    We had an absolute blast playing and shooting each other one summer's night.

    Ah, the days were not all bad. Thank you for helping me remember that:-)

  4. I have never been in a water fight in my life! I'm too picky about my hair.

    Actually, we are just not practical jokers here.

  5. Thanks for these tips on how to fight with water! We got rid of our kitchen sprayer and it is probably a good thing, Too much temptation.

  6. w have fun like this to we are know to have annual cake fights during birthday parties to much fun

  7. "have you ever turned the water on to find the handle on the sprayer has been tied down with a rubber band, and the sprayer has been strategically turned to dowse you with a blast of the water you were expecting to come out of the faucet."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! No, but I've got to try that one day because it sounds hilarious!

    When I was a kid, water fights with the hose were the best thing during the hot summer months.

    Also, water guns fights. I LOVE those things!

    When I had cats, I use to have a water gun in my apartment that I would use sometimes while they were sleeping. It was so hysterical to watch them JUMP when the water hit them. I know that sounds mean, but it was so much fun!!!

    FAB post, my friend!

  8. I so enjoyed reading this. Before we had a pool as a teen, we enjoyed water fights, sprinklers, and just whatever we could to cool down. It was all so much fun. Sounds like you guys all enjoyed it too.

  9. Hey MC, Aint it fun being a Fun Grannie, we plan on having a lot of fun once Benjamin starts running around :^0

    Dawn, Come on down, the hoses are still thawed out here which would make a showdown a lot easier ;^)

    Yes Lynne, We had our bouts with the Super Soakers too Ha Ha, sometimes it isn’t too bad to be on the wrong end of the super soaker, Family fun is a good memory to look back on.

    Hey Bijoux, You sound like my little sister, we have made her mad a time or two but she eventually comes around and joins in the fun, even though an hour re fixing her hair follows immediately :^)

  10. Amen Betty, I think that is the same reason ours went away too Ha Ha, now that the kids are grown and gone we have one which will most likely be used when the Grandbaby is here :^)

    Hey Becca, The cake fights happen with our bunch too, I should have seen this coming after the little cake-smearing incident at our wedding.

    Yes Ron, I can see you doing this Ha Ha, clear scotch tape works well too :^0

    Yes Sir the cats and water bottles have to turn into a fit of laughter, it would for me anyways Ha Ha

    Hey Barb, Playing in the water is a lot of fun especially when you drag your friends and family into it..Literally :^)

  11. heeeheee.....I love water fights....

  12. You just have to love a good water fight :^)

  13. We have had horrid wonderful house destroying water fights and loved every moment of them!

  14. Lordy Linda how I can relate to that statement Ha Ha


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