Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where Am I

I think I will just get up and walk home, I don’t like this place anymore she said looking out the front window of the home they had lived in for thirty years, just where is the car I had when you brought me here, I am going to need it if I am walking home, she said to him with a blank look on her face.

You are home Dear he said, this is our home, no it isn’t and I don’t understand why you left me here all alone with these strange people all around me, you never come to visit and I sit here all by myself, but Dear I have sat here with you all day long, you have not been by yourself, she just stared at him with a vacant look in her eyes.

I can’t eat anymore, you don’t have to feed me because I am not a baby, I will not eat she said as she slapped the fork away from her face, he gently laid it down only for her to pick up the fork and continue to eat. I told you that I can’t eat anymore she yelled and rose to leave the table, he attempted to help her only to hear her yell, Why are you taking me away I have not even got my dinner yet.

After dessert she said again that she was leaving to walk home, he said OK Dear but first do you want to watch some TV with me, Yes that will work, I like this show.

It’s been a long day folks, as I have said before Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease and many prayers are needed for the people suffering to deal with it.


  1. There's a special place in heaven for caretakers. I'm convinced of that.

  2. Oh this breaks my heart, Jimmy.

    Sending much prayer and love to you and your family.

    Peace, my friend.

  3. went through this with my grandmother. Sending you hugs

  4. it was the same way with my grandmother much love and support being sent your way. hugs

  5. Oh dear. I'll send some prayers your direction. Hugs to you and Cindy!

  6. Thank You all my Dear friends:

    Barb you are so right there has to be a special place in heaven for caretakers.

    Ron, this is getting to be a daily thing and this bit was just what I saw up until lunch time. Thank You Sir I appreciate you.

    Mynx and Becca I have heard the same from many people, it seems to effect most in the same cruel manner, I do appreciate the support from you both.

    Thank You Bijoux, The prayers and support are appreciated and Hugs are sent back to you also.

    I'll get around to catching up on your blogs later this evening, I haven't forgotten you.

  7. I've heard that it's the relatives who are affected the most...I will definitely have you and your family in my prayers...

  8. Thank You Caterpillar, it is a learning experience each day with no set answer other than prayers, and I so appreciate each one

  9. This is the cruelest of all illnesses. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Prayers sent your way.

  10. I agree with you Linda, this one is so cruel and it is so sad to sit and watch someones memories slip away and not be able to help get them back.


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