Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary Baby

The Bakers Daughter

Born in Holland He departed the Netherlands May 23rd 1903 on the ship SS Noordam arriving at the port in New York, New York on June 1st 1903, he made a home in Kalamazoo Michigan and returned to The Netherlands in 1906 to purchase a ticket to America for his bridesmaid.

She left Groningen, Netherlands from the port in Rotterdam on April 6th 1907 with the ticket to Michigan paid for by him on the ship Niew Amsterdam she arrived at the port in New York where he was waiting for her. They married and lived in Comstock, Michigan working as Celery Farmers, after his death she returned to the Netherlands for a visit with their three children returning back to the USA June 25th 1928.

While there the youngest son learned the trade of baker and in 1945 he moved to California bringing his wife and the first three of four children born to this family, the last son being born in California. Yucaipa, California was the home of the bakery he started and for thirteen years the family proudly ran this successful bakery.

His oldest son worked along side his Dad in the family bakery, learning the trade mastered in Holland from his Dad the son of a proud Dutch immigrant. In 1960 this Son married the love of his life and from this union a Daughter was born, this Daughter the Great Grand Daughter of the man who bought a ticket to America for the Woman he loved and crossed the ocean to live the American Dream is the Girl who said yes when I asked her to marry me.

I shared this story with you over a year ago believe it or not, I thought of it when I woke up this morning and remembered that fourteen years ago on Sunday is the day we said I do, the town we lived in at the time is like a lot of small towns, rumors fly and naysayers lie in wait for their predictions to come true, the rumor on our union was that it wouldn’t last six months.

One hundred and sixty two months past the six-month period I wonder if the naysayers have realized that they were wrong, I have a feeling no one outside of Cindy and I won the bet; the only thing I have to say about this is;

Happy Anniversary Baby


  1. Aha, great post and Happy Anniversary. I married Rich 6 weeks after our first date and the kitchen crew at the country club were wagering bets that it wouldn't last 6 months. Sadly I lost him after 23 great years but we definitely got the better deal!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, again! And many more!

  3. Yes, Jimmy, I think I do remember this story and it was GREAT reading it again!

    And what an AWESOME story it is!

    A HUGE HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both!!!!!

    (((( Jimmy & Cindy ))))

    Hope you had a great day celebrating your love.


    P.S. sorry for the republish, but I left a couple words out on the first comment - HA!

  4. Hey Barb, Thank you so much, doesn’t it feel good to prove those wrong that feel the need to wager on the failure of others. 23 years later I’d say you definitely got the better deal.

    Thank You so much Ms. A :^)

    Ron, I knew you would remember it and Thank you for the well wishes my Good Friend.

  5. People always seem think they know better. I'm glad you proved them wrong. Happy Anniversary.

  6. Happy Anniversary to the both of you..

    I need to go revisit some of your historical writes:-)

  7. Thank You Valerie, I think we are the winners for sure.

    Hey Lynne, Thank You so much, yep I most likely need to go back and see what I have written too Ha Ha

  8. great post and Happy Anniversary.

  9. Lovely story. Congratulations on proving the naysayers wrong. I really like reading stories that include ancestors as part of one's history, as indeed they are. Without them we wouldn't be here.
    Having just celebrated 54 years together I know how hard one has to work together to keep the togetherness alive.
    Long may yours continue.
    Go! Jimmy and Cindy!

  10. Yahoo and happy anniversary to you!

  11. Thank You Becca, I appreciate you.

    Yes Sir Holmesfan, without our Ancestors we would not be here, I do like to include them when I can as ignoring their influence is hardly worth it.

    Congratulations on your fifty four years my friend.

    Hey Betty, Thank you so much.

  12. Congratulations!
    Thank you so much!!!!

    Big hugs to you both.

  13. (to finish the title......."Got you on my miiiinnnddd"

    Happy Anniversary!

  14. I loed that story the first time I read it an denjoyed it just as much this time. Happy Anniversary Jimmy and Cindy!

  15. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!


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