Friday, October 6, 2017

Still not worth it

How about the retelling of one I shared back on December 7, 2012.

Not Worth It

Life is grand when you have teenagers in the house, there is always an adventure and the sibling rivalry just adds insult to injury sometimes.

When our sons Randy and Tim were in High School the sibling rivalry left us in stitches so to say, and on some days stitches were involved after one of their pranks.

Randy the oldest was always making a bet with Tim, something like “Hey Tim, I’ll bet you ten bucks you won't stick your tongue in this light socket”

I am happy to report that this bet was never made; because had it been, Tim would have been ten bucks richer and we would have been transporting him to the hospital.

Tim did take the bet to try on the shock collar for the containment fence for Randy’s dog, I am proud to say no animals were harmed in this experiment, but it took us about a week to get Tim to leave the yard.

One snowy night we were sitting quietly in the living room, I had spent most of the afternoon shoveling snow from the driveway and walkway, so there was a huge pile of snow in between the two.

The boys were playing quietly in their rooms, seriously they were arguing and giving one another a hard time; Randy was tempting Tim with the promise of money, and down the hall they came.

“OK Tim if you strip down naked and jump into that pile of snow I’ll give you ten bucks” Randy had an evil grin on his face and Tim was seriously considering the proposition.

“I’ll make it twenty if you strip down and lay face first in the snow pile, I don’t want you getting snow in your face, but you do have to push everything else into the snow for five minutes.”

Tim looked at the clock and so did we, 10pm and there is a trail of clothing from where he was standing out the front door, next thing we see is Tim’s white butt cheeks shining in the moonlight, he was actually grinding his hips into the snow bank.

Five minutes later he stands up and yells, “You owe me twenty bucks sucker” unbeknownst to Tim the houses directly across the street had the occupants standing on their front porches, the clapping and cheers sent Tim streaking back into the house, and left Cindy explaining that it was a harmless bet between brothers, and not a snow pile being violated by our son.

Tim got his money and a few days later another bet was made, Randy was making fun of Tim for being humiliated in front of the neighborhood, he came up with a solution for Tim being caught with his pants down so to say.

“I’ll go out into the front yard and drop my pants right now, and I’ll give you fifty bucks to come out there and kiss my bare ass” Tim agreed and looked out the door to see if anyone was outside.

He turned and told Randy that everything was clear and out the door they went, Randy dropped his pants and Tim just stood there with his own evil grin, “Right here Tim kiss this cheek and I’ll give you fifty”

Just then the people from across the street started clapping and laughing, one lady yelled “Hey Randy I’ll kiss them both for fifty!” Tim smiled and told Randy, You know brother some things are just not worth it.

With red cheeks shining on Randy’s face and his white cheeks being quickly covered, this bet was deemed not payable.

Do you have a funny story involving you or your kids as a teenager?


  1. Nothing quite that funny. Sometimes they start to talk about stuff they did that I did not know about and I stop them...don't want to know.

    1. Hello Joe, I agree some things are best left unsaid, I am sure with any parent there are things their kids did they will never hear about.

  2. Those good ole teen years. Didn't have all that much trouble with eiter one of my sons. Yes and at times it was a good fun adventure.
    Coffee is on

  3. I don't have anything funny like that, but they did most of their shinnagens when I didn't know. Like Joe, they would tell me about the things they did when they were young and I was glad I didn't know it at the time. I guess the oldest didn't believe you couldn't steer a car if you shut it off while you were driving on the highway. Another time, he and a buddy were playing war and shooting bottle rocket at one another. Ugh! (I have plenty of reasons why my hair is gray.)

  4. No funny tales from here - or none that I know. My brothers fought. They are now in their sixties and seventies and still fight.

  5. No funny tales here, when my kids were teenagers I was working and They got themselves to school and home again, then weekends were filled with housework (kids helped) and shopping where the kids also helped. They did 'muck up' a bit in the shops, making up jokes about some of the products and having competitions to see who could throw unbreakable things into the trolley from the longest distance and other customers laughed to see them.

  6. My older daughter got drunk and threw herself into a lake in AZ, and my younger daughter called the cops. We ended up with a fire engine, ambulance, helicopter and cops everywhere, and when they finally got her out the lake she'd lost most of her clothing. Fun times.

  7. As always, a fun story Jimmy. Luckily, my teen was an only child, so he could never blame any of his shenanigans on anyone else. (lol) Happy Saturday! Hugs...RO

  8. That's hilarious. Too bad video wasn't taken. Our daughter was an only child...but...there is the incident when she sat on the Fathers's Day cake.

  9. Okay, I've got to know. Did you or Cindy tip off the neighbors to come look at the naked boys?

    I really cracked up about Time and the shock collar. Sounds like your sons had a lot of fun growing up.

  10. Wow! I have nothing that could approach that level of shenanigans!

    Earlier this year, my boys DID take turns turning up the dial and shocking each other with the new shock collar. But it's for a small dog, so "STOP! Don't do THAT one again!" is about as far as it went.

    When they were younger, they got to acting up in the kitchen, and I found myself yelling, "Stop plugging your brother's fart hole!" It's not what it sounds like, and I was really angry.

  11. I don't have anything that is that funny. Your kids were indeed a lot of laughs.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  12. These were delightful. You had built in entertainment. Got the giggles at Tim not wanting to leave the yard.
    Good to see Tim got even.

  13. With only one son in the family, no bets ever took place. There were some strange things my kids did when they were little, like playing Survivor (TV show) in our woods and urinating in a pail from their sand box.

  14. Nobody took like bets like that here because nobody was sure if they woudl actually get paid

  15. Oh my - but then, boys will be boys! :-)

  16. I have horror stories of when my son was a teenager. The trouble he got into! I'm surprised really truly he is not dead by now considering all he did or took part in. It just shows that God is merciful (and why He is, I truly have no idea.)


  17. I don't have any kids, so I missed out on a lot of fun. But it's good to have blogger friends who are such good story tellers they make you laugh every time you visit.

  18. My kids and grandkids all pulled some serious pranks but the stories my son-in-law shares of his youth terrify me. It is a wonder his parents survived his antics.

  19. My brother and I played jokes on one other but we never had enough money (or snow) to pull off these tricks! Funny stories, thanks for sharing.


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