Monday, June 7, 2010

Never Say Never

Things that go through my head are what start a lot of my posts, I do love to share experiences from the past or ones I am going through right now, I like to talk about the good times as it helps me to cope with the things in my life past and present that may not have been so good or gone the way I wanted them to.

I could list a lot of things and make this a downer post but you all know me better than that, so instead I am going to list a few statements I have made over the years just for kicks, all of these statements refer to things that actually happened.

1. OK Son trust me it is just a large Praying Mantis, it is getting ready jump over to that next post and not on you. (Said just before it jumped into the middle of Scott’s chest)

2. OK Son trust me as long as we stay on the trail you don’t have to worry about seeing any snakes (Said just before Scott stepped right on one and climbed up me like I was a tree)

3. OK Son just remember anything can happen (My best answer after the above things happened)

4. OK Son did you look under the car to make sure everything is clear. (Question to Tim right before I drilled through the floorboard into his Gas Line)

5. Remember Boys to catch fish you have to keep the worms warm (You remember this one don’t you?)

6. Happy Birthday Dad just think you are twice as old as me now (when my Dad turned 40 and I was 20)

7. Don’t throw that baton inside the house. (Statement to Melissa between the times of the broken ceiling fan and the baton she got stuck in top of the pecan tree, sometimes you just can’t win)

8. It’s just her phone number (My answer to Steve when asked what Cindy had given me at the ball field, he was really happy)

9. I’ll never get married again (What Cindy and I said to each other on our first date)

10. I Do (The words that showed Cindy and I to never say never)

Hope you got a grin out of a few of these and also hope you will sit back and think of a few that you just may have said yourselves. Happy Monday


  1. Love this post...cute and sweet! Funny how that right person can turn those nevers in to absolutes!

  2. Thank You Suzicate,

    Yes the right person can sure make your whole world change for the better, when life is fun and you can laugh at yourself then it is worth it :)

  3. 1 and 2 doubled me over... 9 and 10 made me go "awwwwwwww"!

  4. Thank You Sarah,

    Life is a mixture of both huh, you just have to love that :^)

  5. Just make sure you never tell them:
    "Watch this!"
    It may be the last words you ever say.

  6. Yes Sir Joe,

    You are so right my Friend Ha Ha

  7. I love that in all your posts it is about your love for your family. This is why I am so glad we are friends. I can actually feel your values which are the same as first! This was an original and great post and I really enjoyed reading it!!!

  8. Giving you one of my rare smiles!

  9. Great post! AH, we've all said things like these. Here's what HOB said when we met: "I can't fall in love with you because I am going to Mexico to live and there are rabid dogs there." Uh-huh.

  10. Hey Susie,

    I am honored to have friends like you and appreciate the fact that you keep me around :)

    Thank You

  11. Ms A,

    I am so proud to see you smile my Dear Friend.

  12. Thank You John,

    I appreciate you Sir.

  13. Good Morning Betty,

    It's funny to sit back and remember these things, I always get a good laugh thinking of most, I can just see the look on your face and the thought process starting when HOB said that :^)

    Thank You Mam

  14. Awwww....Jimmy, what a GRRRRRRREAT post!

    And yes, these difinitely made me smile!

    This post is so true, because I can't tell you how many times I've said NEVER, only to end up doing it.

    Loved reading #9 and #10. And I'm so glad you both said "I do" because you guys a meant to be together.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    Have a great day!

  15. Hey Ron,

    I am glad you enjoyed this post my Friend, I had a good time writing it, my problem is I probably could have done more than ten Ha Ha

    Thank You Buddy and a Great day to you too.

  16. Great post Jimmy.
    How about: "What are you talking about? I can still ride a skateboard. Give it to me..."

    couldn't walk for two days until my tailbone repaired itself.

  17. Yes Sir Pat,

    I have actually made that same statement, thought I was going to die but actually pulled it off, sure couldn't do it now Ha Ha

  18. Oh, this is just perfect Jimmy! Absolutely perfect. Number 3 cracked me and your ending was just precious.

    Never say never indeed!

  19. Hey Angelia,

    Yes sometimes you have to make adjustments on what you are saying :^) especially when you really don't know the answer to begin with. Ha Ha

  20. Definitely helped brighten a rather bad day...thanks Jimmy.

  21. Thank You Sir,

    Glad you enjoyed it, and hope tomorrow is even better.

  22. I still love the warm worms!! Hubby and I both laughed our butts off over that one!

    No snakes..crunch! LOL!!!

  23. Hey Heather, I still grin myself thinking about that one Ha Ha


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