Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Grandbaby soon

Elisa ready for the baby to be born


  1. Congrats. I know you can't wait to spoit it!

  2. Hey Suzicate,

    Thanks Lady you know he is spoilt already :)

  3. Yes Mam Ms A,

    Thats our Daughter-in-law and she is just 20, glad I have those years behind me :)

    She is a sweetie and we Love her.

  4. Awww she looks so happy.

    I can't wait for my oldest to have a baby!

  5. Hey Peg,

    Yea she is a good kid, said the other day she was about ready to have this baby Ha Ha

  6. Hip-hip hooray!!!!!

    OMG, Jimmy...she simply GLOWS!

    There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a mother with child.

    Can't wait to see the baby photos!!

    Thanks for sharing, buddy!

  7. Hey Ron,

    She does look good doesn't she, we are kind of proud of her and just wait there will be baby pictures Ha Ha

    Thank You Betty, You will probably hear the Yeah from her in August :)

  8. What a perfect wordless Wednesday picture of the new and upcoming "love of your life"...your new grandson. It is hard to imagine that inside that tummy is a little person who will change your world forever in the most spectacular ways. Just a few more months and all your little bundle of joy dream will come true!

  9. Thank You Susie,

    It is pretty amazing that I remember this girl being a baby and now she is my Daughter-in-Law and carrying the baby I plan on spoiling every chance I get, we look forward to the fun and laughter this little life is going to bring the whole family.

  10. Pregnant woman are absolutely the most beautiful. Great photo. How very exciting.

  11. I'm so happy for you!I was 20 when I had my son. We are soooo close. I love him to death!
    I know when I do have grand kids I will spoil them too!

  12. GLOWING!!!!! And just in time to beat the August heat!!



  13. Hey Angelia,

    There is just something about a pregnant woman and I too thought this was a Great picture of Elisa

  14. Yes Cindy, I think spoiling them will be very easy to do, I think we are off to a good start on this one already.

    It's great you and your Son are so close there is something special about the bond between a Mother and her child.

  15. Yes Sir John,

    Baby is due first week of August and they are already hitting triple digets, she says that she is so ready for him to be here now :^)

  16. I can just tell you are excited about this first grandson. Can't wait to get to read those posts about what Benjamin has been up to.

  17. I have a feeling Heather that there will be many posts about the antics of this one, I know how his Daddy was.


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