Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Live From The Road

“Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona” OK to tell the truth we blew right by Winslow but did stop for the night in Flagstaff, after a couple weeks in the scorching heat the cooler weather here actually feels good and after driving all day I was ready to kick back for a bit.

We left out a little later than we had planned and stopped a little earlier but that’s OK, we went by to see Benjamin and wake up Tim and Elisa to say goodbye and that wasn’t easy, I thought we were going to have to call in the National Guard, Air Force, State and City Police... (I could go on and on but you get the picture) to pry that baby out of Granny’s arms heck I almost didn’t get to hold him without a promise that I would give him back to her, needless to say it was hard but I have faith he is going to do just fine.

The drive so far has been filled with Orange cones, barrels and flashing signs that has restricted our 75 MPH speed limit anywhere from 35 to looking for an exit, good thing is we were only stopped after I hit something in the road that came from under the truck in front of me, it made a heck of a racket and bounced the van hard enough to rouse Cindy from her slumber bringing her to yell out asking me what I had done, I told her I hit something but really wasn’t sure what it was, I thought she was going to cry there for a minute until I went on to tell her it wasn’t something that was alive, I pulled over to check for damage to which I found none but another driver wasn’t as lucky, the piece of metal which I only briefly saw before I hit it and saw it fly end over end towards the side of the road behind me through the rearview mirror, I think it may have been part of a sign and post and at 80MPH it disappeared pretty fast. It had punctured his tire and I think by the time he got stopped it may have cost him a rim also, we made sure he had help on the way and needed no assistance and went on our way.

Like I told you before we picked up a laptop while we were in New Mexico and I am in the process of learning how this works, I am not used to being able to get on the internet while on the road and after my post on Surviving Technology here I am Learning the laptop and reporting to you “Live From The Road”, OK I’ll admit that I am having fun and hopefully the next post will be live from my desktop at home.


  1. Ooooo...isn't it FUN having a laptop?

    I just got one about 5 months ago and I love that I can use it wherever. The only bad thing is that I end up taking it EVERYWHERE with me.

    Whew...glad to hear your car was left unscathed, and that you and Cindy were okay.

    Safe journey, my friend!

  2. Thank You Ron, Yes Sir it's pretty cool, I'm afraid I could get used to this :)

  3. I knew it was going to be hard to leave that sweet baby behind! As Nana I have found that to be the hardest of all.

    Glad you van didn't get damaged and that it wasn't an alive thing. That was real nice of yall to stick around to make sure that driver was going to be okay.

    MAN, I want a laptop! Yes, I am jealous! LOL!

  4. Too bad you didnt' stop in Winslow, I think that girl in the flat-bed Ford was still looking for ya!
    Driving through road construction sucks, as you have found.

  5. Jimmy--I can imagine how hard it was to leave that baby and get back on the road again, but don't you have some chickens (including one Very Important One) to take care of???

    Enjoy your new laptop. Let us know if Cindy gets jealous.

  6. Ain't field journalism fun? Glad it wasn't your tire!

  7. Pleased to hear that everyone is fine!
    Yeah, tell me about letting that baby go! LOL! I know just how it feels over these past couple of days!
    Glad to hear that you got a lap-top! I own FOUR and a dysfunctional, retired desk-top that I don't know why I bother with it anymore. Spare parts...maybe?

  8. Hey Heather, Yes Mam it was tough, kind of got attached to him pretty quickly :^)

    I have been stuck on side of the road before it’s hard to leave someone without checking on them.

    Hey Joe, I always did like that song and I do not like the road construction, I can see a future post on this one alone my friend.

    Good Morning Betty, Cindy is not jealous this laptop falls under the dual ownership part of our relationship Ha Ha, I get to use it when she is not, loving it so far I have to say though but at home we have our very own desktops that the other doesn’t mess with.

    Yes I did check on the chickens as soon as we got back home, Cindy’s Dad took very good care of them especially the important one—what was her name again :)

    Yes Kristy, I do love road trips and reporting from the road is pretty cool, I too am glad it wasn’t our tire.

    Thank You Alice, Leaving the little ones is a hard one but I suppose we have to trust their parents although we can spoil them every chance we get.

    The laptop is sure going to come in handy especially when we are away from home and as for spare parts they come in handy at times too :^)

  9. Glad to hear you both fine...
    Hope you'll home safely, Jimmy!
    then maybe you should get ready to face your huge miss feeling to your loved baby Ben...


  10. You are so right Nensa it's going to be hard missing the Baby but I have faith in his parents.

  11. Hey Susie, We got home last night and just trying to catch up a bit :^) Had a good night's sleep in our own bed you gotta love that :)

  12. Sorry you had to leave the little one but am glad you were able to report from the road. Glad it didn't ruin your tire or anything else on the car!

    I'm sure even though pa in law might have taken good care of the chicks they still missed you and Cindy!

  13. Hey Peg, We tried to bring him home with us but Momma and Daddy wouldn't go for it Ha Ha

    You should have seen those chickens when we got home, they didn't forget us :)


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