Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drifting Away

Back in 1973 Dobie Gray sang Drift Away, while sitting back talking to my little Sister a couple nights ago I was reminded that there are a lot of memories tied to this song, some good, some funny and a few that carry on today when the kids sing the version you repeated once, sitting and talking over old times so to say have a way of making you Drift Away.

♫ Day after day, I'm more confused
Yet I look for the light through the pourin' rain
You know that's a game that I hate to loose
And I'm feelin' the strain
Ain't it a shame ♪

The thing so confusing about reminiscing with your siblings is that you each remember different things, and the things you are talking about like it was yesterday is sometimes over thirty years past, so no wonder some memories are a bit clouded and the harder you try to remember the worse it seems to get, especially when the younger Sister brings up things you should know but the clear picture that was once in your head is really fuzzy now, ain’t it a shame? Well that’s just how it goes and as she pointed out to me, “Memories are fragments of your life that you remember, we all don’t remember the same thing even though we were there at the same time, what was important to you and remembered well, just may have been seen differently and not remembered at all by someone else”, she sounds pretty smart doesn’t she.

♪ Beginnin' to think that I'm wastin' time
I don't understand the things I do
The world outside looks so unkind
Now I'm countin' on you
To carry me through ♫

As we get older some memories fade while others remain strong, names of some people you knew in the past are as clear as your own, while others that you should remember are as clear as mud and it is a waste of time to try and make yourself understand why your mind works this way, one name my Sister brought up I remembered well and just kind of stumbled through the conversation stalling to see if she could come up with it, I thought it was pretty funny until she asked me another, heck the only reason I actually came up with this name was strictly due to cheating and looking at my High School Annual, yes folks I still have my annuals from all four years of high school and can’t understand why the pages are becoming as brittle as the memory that is counting on them to get me through.

♫ And when my mind is free
You know a melody can move me
And when I'm feelin' blue
The guitar's comin' through To soothe me ♪

♪ Thanks for the joy that you've given me
I want you to know I believe in your song
And rhythm and rhyme and harmony
You help me along Makin' me strong ♫

Memories are a blessing, and looking back on life with your loved ones is something you will definitely enjoy no matter how clear the memories are or if you remember everything as clear as your loved one, music brings back a lot of good memories and heartache depending on the song, other songs bring back laughter or remind you of a particular group of friends every time you hear it, when you are sad nothing helps you along like an old song from yesteryear so to say.

Take time to Drift Away into some old memories, talk with your family, siblings, parents, friends, or anyone who was a part of your life way back then and laugh for a while at the things you remember and pay attention to how different you actually remember the details, none of you are wrong, you were just looking at life from a different angle then and remembering it from that same angle now.

No matter how many different angles that memory was viewed from then, it is well worth the time spent to get lost in that memory and drift away with someone who was there with you.

♫ Oh, give me the beat boys and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock n roll
And drift away ♪
♫ Oh, give me the beat boys and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your…


  1. Ok, first of all...I LOVE this song! And reading the lyrics again in this post, brought back so many wonderful memories for me.

    You are soooooo right my friend, music is one of the strongest mediums for bring back memories, whether they be good ones or heartaches. They have to power to transport us back to another time and place; instantly reminding us of a particular moment.

    Also, for me, SCENT will also bring back powerful memories for me. Like, everytime I smell tomatoe sauce with garlic cooking on the stove, I am immediately reminded of the many Italian family dinners we had as a kid.


    Thanks for sharing the memories, Jimmy!

    FAB post!

  2. Hey Ron,

    Thank You sir I am so proud you enjoyed the post, music is a big part of our lives and I look back on it often when I hear different songs, every part of our lives and memories are mixed in with music somewhere and I can just see those Italian dinners were mixed with song in the background.

  3. Jimmy I do so agree about memories and how each and every person has their own perspective on what happened and how it impacted them. Just like one song can have so much meaning for one person, one event can have more meaning for one than another. That is why if you ask siblings about things that happened in the growing years they will remember some things so differently. On the other hand, it is the memories that you both see the same that are so bonding.

  4. Me and my mom have those kind of convos all the time. Her memories differ from mine, like miles inbetween them. Sometimes I wonder if we are remembering the same instances.

    Soo many songs are tied up with my memories.

  5. I love that song, and I am impressed by the fact that some group has recently 'covered' the song, and The Daughter and her friends all like it too.
    Music brings back such memories, doesn't it?

  6. Hey Susie, I so love talking with my siblings on things from our childhood, as the oldest talking with the youngest shows a whole different perspective on a lot of things and sometimes the exact same one.

  7. Heather, I have noticed a big difference in memories from Parent to Child, I suppose the age difference gives us a whole other view, and a whole different memory so to say :)

  8. Good Morning Joe, Yes Sir I sit back and smile when the kids come to me with this "Cool New Song" you just gotta hear and it's a cover song from my childhood, whats cool is they are now gaining memories to the same music as we did.

  9. I love that song. Such memories. Wish we could go back in time sometimes to the carefree days of youth.

  10. Memory is funny ans so is perception. Take two people in the same family at the same event...their takes might be totally different and add thirty years...wow! But gotta love memories that bring back good times!

  11. Oh my! I don't remember if from the first time around! But there are so many cover versions of old songs done now that we really do think that we have found something "new" when we hear it!
    Yes, I agree with you that songs and music can take you back to your childhood, or any point in your life....not always a good thing, but still always there!
    It is strange that when you hear a song, it immediately takes you back to some event in your life.
    Do we measure our lives in the music that we hear?
    Very thought provoking post, Jimmy.
    Big hugs to you both!

  12. Welcome DTF, Glad to have you join us, Oh for the days of our youth, music and memories take us there :^)

  13. Hey SuziCate, Memories are a funny thing and as you said perception from two different people put a different spin on the same situation, “But gotta love memories that bring back good times!” this is what it is all about.

  14. Hello Heather, So many songs have been covered but it is funny how we always go back to the first version we were exposed to;

    “It is strange that when you hear a song, it immediately takes you back to some event in your life. Do we measure our lives in the music that we hear?” Measuring our lives by the music we hear takes us back to that place for a moment, it’s kind of nice to remember things this way.

    Hugs back to you my Friend.

  15. Love that song Jimmy. Reminds me of my dad and good ol' rock and roll.

    Memories really should be shared and treasured. I really enjoyed my sister coming back up to visit while Jason was in the hospital. We had a lot of good laughs.

    Glad to call you friend and can't wait to swap those stories with you and Cindy on the diabetic front lines. :-)

  16. Hey Angelia, It was good for you and your Sister to get a chance to laugh together, and I am so proud to see Jason being able to go home soon, he is going to do well.

    We have a passel of stories and information on diabetes we will be happy to share with you two, Type 1 for over thirty years I have gathered a couple of experiences :)

  17. I suffer from CRS and have very few memories unless someone primes the pump. My kids are the best at it... but strange how they all have different memories of the same occasions. Oh, well, at least they still have them!

  18. Ms A, Kids do have a way of priming our memory banks don't they and looking at how they see things from different angles is very entertaining at times.

  19. It's so weird that all my memories are things that were told to me. I have no real memories from when I was younger, yet I can tell you the layout of a house we lived in.

  20. Hey Melissa, It appears there are more memories there than you realize, others just see them a bit clearer than you possibly. Funny how our minds comprehend things.

  21. Just got back from a big family reunion--so much fun recalling memories form the past with my sisters and making new ones. Nice post, Jimmy! I've missed visiting you!

  22. Hey Betty, I am so proud that your trip went well and you have returned to be with us once again :)

  23. Oh, Jimmy! I just loved this post. It is so true. Different people in the exact same situation at the same time will still remember it differently. Memory is a funny thing and of so wonderful. It can be your enemy or your friend.

    And I loved that song too!

  24. Hey Peg, Memory as you said "It can be your enemy or your friend" but it sure is a blessing to look back and compare sometimes :)

    I am so happy you enjoyed the post


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