Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday A Day Late

OK I guess I had better explain, I had this bright idea to post the previous two stories about our wedding on Monday and Tuesday and follow it up with Wordless Wednesday pictures to go along with the storyline, well can you imagine the look on my face when I posted the Blue Beard post and then went to read some of my favorite blogs, there was Pegs title "Wordless Wednesday" and I then realized I had gotten my days mixed up, that is one of the downfalls of being retired I always joke that everyday is Saturday so I hope you can forgive me for missing a Wednesday.

My plan was to start with the picture I have boasted having of Cindy shoving the cake in my face to prove she started it but instead I found this one in which both of us look a little guilty so rather than point fingers I will let you decide, and rather than post a whole page I’ll let this one show you how much fun this whole experience called life has been.

So “Caption This” Wordless Wednesday Picture a day late.


  1. It looks like she is saying: "close your eyes, you are about to be wearing this".

  2. AWESOME photo, Jimmy!!!

    You guys look GREAT!

    I love that look in both your eyes like, "Okay...who's gonna do it first??"


    Funny you shared that your days have been mixed up this week because it's been the same for me. I actually thought Mother's Day was THIS weekend.

    OY VEY....I'm getting old!

    Enjoy your day, buddy!

  3. Oh, I think that's such a sweet picture of your both!

  4. Long as you both got to "eat cake", doesn't matter who started both win! Tell Cindy I love her dress!

  5. You both look quite full of mischief, to me!

  6. Hey Joe,

    I think that is exactly what she was saying Ha Ha, because I did end up wearing it.

  7. Hey Ron,

    I ran across this one last night and thought it would kind of tell both sides of the story Ha Ha

    We did wait until the first piece was cut but she did start it, I will always stick with this story :^)

    I'm glad Mothers day is not this weekend cause I would be in trouble.

  8. Thank You Betty,

    Good to see you today.

  9. True Suzicate,

    At least we both got to eat it, and wear it too just can't get any better than this, win/win I like this.

    Cindy says Thank you Suzi

  10. Hey Ms A,

    It does appear that mischief was in the air doesn't it Ha Ha

  11. I love how you both look at each other there. It's wonderful and sinister at the same time.

    What a blessed life together. All if it. It makes me smile to read of a man who loves and adores his wife after so many years together...and can actually write it out for the world to see. I admire that.

    I like your little signature too!

  12. Thank You Trisha,

    I am honored by your kind words, we have been through a lot together and the worse it has been has only driven us closer together, I feel confident that she will always be there for me and I will always stand with her also, that's the way life is supposed to be in my opinion.

    I'm tickled you noticed the signature, I worked on that yesterday and finally got a thumbs up from Cindy and just added it last night---Thank You!!!

  13. I noticed the signature, where did you get it?
    I also noticed your URL across your wedding picture, again how did you get that?

    Yes the pic don't lie! I see deviousness in both of your eyes. You two are a great match and I bet loads of fun!

  14. Hey Heather,

    The Signature and Watermark both I actually did myself with one of my picture programs, I finally found the code to add the signature once I got the image made to my liking, it sounds harder than it is I suppose.

    I am afraid you are right, the pic just does not lie and we both look like we had the same thought going on LOL

    Thank You my Friend I do appreciate you.


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