Friday, April 30, 2010

Busy Friday

Long day today we ordered a fifty foot round pen to work the horses in on Monday, this consists of thirteen twelve foot panels and a six foot gate and this was all coming from Kentucky, so about noon today it showed up and between Cindy’s Dad, her Brother Bruce and I we got them all unloaded and actually put together, it actually measures about fifty five feet across and is huge compared to the picture, I was actually impressed with the way the people treated us the materials, and speedy service from this company across the country from us.

Worked a little harder than normal today so needless to say the blood sugars have done the up and down routine, right now Cindy has thrown a bowl of ice cream in front of me which is not hurting my feelings any because I do Love Ice Cream and really don’t get it very often so I’ll take this as a positive.

The aggravation I posted about in my Drama Vent back when we were in New Mexico for the kids wedding just couldn’t stand it and had to come calling last night late, the phone rang and out of the blue some accusations from this person came flying towards my wife “someone told me you said I was a b*#%h” OK now this someone was not revealed and you know Cindy she says if I thought you were a B*#%h I would tell you to your face, I know this part is true and if she had said it I would have already known, OK cut to the chase---this is not kindergarten and we are not playing this game, if you want to have drama in your household then leave it there because my household will not be playing along.

You know the old saying “My Father always told me to never argue with idiots and with this said I bid you Good Day” Thanks Nan for sharing that line with us. This is the line we need to use for people like this.


  1. Well it sounds like an interesting day if nothing else! At least you got some ice cream for all your hard efforts...the only good part to a low if I do say so myself. As for the rest..I guess just try to put it behind you. Tomorrow is another day!!!

  2. Wow, you were busy! Kudos on the horse pen and kudos for not bowing down to the BS.

  3. "“My Father always told me to never argue with idiots."

    Excellent saying and excellent advice! I need to remember that.

    The more I read about Cindy, the more I enjoy her...

    "you know Cindy she says if I thought you were a B*#%h I would tell you to your face."

    You GO, girl!

    Glad to hear you got the pen completed.

    And glad to hear about the ice cream.


    Have an awesome Saturday, my friend!

  4. Hey Susie,

    Good to see you Lady, you are so right we have to take it one day at a time and put those Low days behind because tomorrow we can start over, the ice cream is a good reward but you know how it is when we indulge so to say, the numbers are good at bedtime and horrible in the morning, I have put that part behind me now Ha Ha

    I hope your days are going a lot better and you are beginning to feel better now.

  5. Hey Ms A,

    Thank You, you are right we can't bow to the bs because if we do then we allow it to control us, I can't do that.

    The hard work is done now Cindy has plans to break in the new pen after lunch with Sally, that is she and Sally on my background.

  6. Good Morning Ron,

    I try my best to remember that saying when faced in situations like that, too much energy that could be used for better things is wasted by arguing, I don't have time nor energy for things like that anymore.

    Miss Cindy is the type to not hide her feelings, if she wanted to call a person a name like that it wouldnt be to someone else it would be direct to their face, I like that quality in a person.

    Funny the supposed someone we were told is a persone we haven't even talked with so there you go, the problem is not in our household Ha Ha, they can play amongst themselves.

    A Great Saturday to you Buddy!!!

  7. Wow...tough cream after work? Lucky man! :)

    And I always say, save the drama for your mama!

  8. Amen to that one Sarah,

    both the ice cream and saving the drama:^)

  9. Ice cream cures all, right?
    I hate drama! It amazes me the ages that people are and still so filled w/ Jr High drama. I have to sit back and laugh at it all.
    Fantastic on the horse pen. Gotta love when a company exceeds your expectations!

  10. I guess some people never outgrow that attitude Melissa, too bad we can't feed them ice cream and make it all better Ha Ha

    I was so happy with the pen, funny thing even with shipping we got it for about 1/2 to 1/3'rd of the price we could have gotten it local---go figure

  11. Isn't it great to order something and when it arrives, you are happy instead of disappointed?

    Ice cream is good anytime!
    that kind of drama sucks. Some people seem to thrive on it for some reason...

  12. Yes Sir this type of service makes me remember them next time I need something, actually already looking at them for some other items.

    Some folks do thrive on drama, just makes me want to stay away from them, going for ice cream is a good excuse to leave them Ha Ha

  13. Ice cream after a day of hard work, makes it even more enjoyable and well deserved.

    Sorry about the family drama, unfortunately we all have some. Great way to not get caught up in it!

  14. More Ice Cream today, week is starting off good especially since all the mowing is done now:)


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