Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Outside Looking In

Whiskey Watching Cindy and her Dad walk Sally in the round pen.


  1. It looks like a nice place Jimmy!

  2. Thank You Pat,

    We sure like it here, I say over and over "The Good Lord sure paints a pretty picture" and we are blessed to see it out our back door.

  3. I love the title of your photo! It is the perfect description of what you captured on film. Great job Jimmy!!!

  4. Hey Susie,

    It was supposed to be Wordless Wednesday but I just had to change it for this one.

    Thank You so much

  5. What a GREAT shot, Jimmy!

    I love how you got it at an angle, as if looking through the eyes of Whiskey!

    Hope you're having a super day, my friend!

  6. Hey Ron,

    Don't this one show how good a horse he is, he will actually come right up and pose for the camera, needless to say I was right by him on this one.

  7. He's probably wondering "What about me"
    Great pic!

  8. Thanks Heather,

    Thats probably what he was thinking, he does love attention.


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