Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yesterday Don't Matter

This past weekend was both a busy and relaxing time for us, it was Mothers Day and also Monday was Cindy’s Dads birthday so we kind of rolled the weekend into a celebration for both of her parents.

Cindy’s brothers John, Ron, and Bruce were here along with Ron’s wife Lora and our Daughter Melissa, we had a supper of BBQ Ribs on Saturday with Melissa and John who stayed the whole weekend, Melissa ate up the ribs which brought out a big question for me to which I already had the gist of the answer in my head, Melissa I was told is once again a Vegetarian, she did this once while she was in High School and made our lives miserable preparing dishes for her then, I passed by Mickey Dees one day and there she was for lunch, later that evening I asked if McDonalds had a vegetarian menu and she said that she didn’t count their meals on her diet, which kind of makes me wonder if she was just making an exception for lunch to go along with her friends or if she was saying Mickey Dees doesn’t use meat, I never got a straight answer on this one back then and was expecting the same type of response from her for this weekend but instead she explained to me that she is actually a flexitarian, this is a vegetarian who can have meat once in a while she tells me, OK this sounds better than hearing McDonalds don’t use meat.

Sundays meal included hamburgers and a chicken/spinach brat that was very good in my opinion, Melissa flexed on this day too and Cindy’s Dad just laughed while she explained the benefits of it to us, I figure if it works for her then it’s OK with me because she is all grown up now and arguing with someone who is only two years away from her doctorate degree in psychology is just setting myself up to be confused with the closing argument that I will only lose anyway. The meal was so good and everyone was satisfied to the point that we forgot all about the high dollar ice cream cake that is still sitting in the freezer today, it appears we shall have a good dessert plan for another day soon so it was not actually a loss.

Cindy and John got out and worked with Cindy’s horse Sally a good bit, we learned a lot about this horse and one fact is she has been ridden very little, John is a good horseman and helped Cindy and Sally get on the same page, Cindy actually got a short ride on her and today she went out and caught Sally all by herself, placed the halter and lead rope on her and walked her around a bit before and after giving her a good brushing, I think we have the beginning of a good team going on here, we are thinking Sally just may be pregnant which would mean she was like this when we got her as we have no horses who could have been a factor in this amazing process, time will tell and I will let you know for sure when we know for sure.

Monday we took Cindy’s Dad and Mom out to Sizzler for his birthday, there is a large assortment of food and desserts here and if you go away hungry it is your own fault, the entertainment factor in watching all the different types of people here is well worth the visit, we have everything from the elderly couple who are going out of their way to help each other get enough to eat to the obviously homeless person who is attempting to get all they can on one plate and then smothering their food with either all the sour cream or cheese they can pile on depending on which trip to the salad bar you are watching them on, the sights are either sweet and heart warming or sad and heart wrenching if you pay attention to the people around you, I like watching the little kids and their wide open eyes staring at the ice cream bar and all the choices of goodies to add to their cones or dishes, kids are a blessing and kids with ice cream all over their smiling faces is something we all have to love and appreciate. The birthday dinner at Sizzler went real good and probably could have been put into a post all of it’s own.

To sum it all up psychoanalyzing people trying to not eat anything not actually on their diet but doing so at the same time and riding a horse who may not be pregnant but probably was when we got her while the other horses were jealous that it wasn’t their turn to be brushed, ice cream cake that was not eaten and a topsy turvy tomato plant that hit the ground because the wind had blown too much, a trip to Sizzler and the diet blown again making for a long day today trying to catch up with all the stuff we didn’t get done yesterday, but oh well everything is OK and life goes on, yesterday is history and tomorrow is the future, take care of yourself today and look forward to tomorrow because yesterday don’t matter.


  1. Wow..what a weekend!! I am thinking you are enjoying food much more than I am these days. Yummy on the ice cream cake. I love those..what flavor?? So now you have two pregnant ladies in your life...your daughter-in-law and your horse. I like flexitarian...I think I fall into that category too!!! Great weekend story!!!

  2. Hey Susie,

    I actually learned something new here the Flexitarian routine was a new one for me, and the horse being pregnant is a maybe Ha Ha Cindy's brother thinks definatly.

  3. Hi Jimmy,
    Sounds like a great weekend! I am a vegetarian and always appreciate it when people have dishes for me, but I can always work around it! So, when can I come over for a little BBQ'd tofu?

  4. Hey Betty,

    BBQ'd tofu? hey I'd be up to trying it just about anytime :)

  5. I'm going to have to call you Mr. Busy! I haven't been to a Sizzler in years! Used to go all the time. Not sure if we even have one around anymore.

  6. I used to love going to Sizzler in California...I am not sure we have any here in Texas...

  7. A Flexitarian. Who knew. Guess I've been one of those all along! (I can't quit laughing over that...)

  8. That's funny about the horse maybe being pregnant. WOW, that would be pretty cool. :-) Sizzler's are great! We had one growing up in Oklahoma. It had a huge cow out front. Around here there are just Golden Corrals but they have shut a lot of those down now.
    Sounds like a good weekend of catching up. I hate to see an ice cream cake go to waste. I hope those plans come through. :-)

  9. Sounds like one heck of a busy weekend, but a Flexitarian...I'll just say OK on that one.

  10. Hey Ms A,

    Staying busy keeps me out of trouble I suppose and I have been called worse Ha Ha


    I am like you I don't think they are in Texas, I remember Western Sizzlin when I lived there but different restaurants if I remember correctly.

    Hey Kristy,

    Cindy's Dad is still laughing too.


    It seems we may have gotten more than we bargained for when we rescued this one, but thats OK it'll be cool working with her and watching a little one come around, I promise you that ice cream cake won't go to waste either :)

    Hey Melissa,

    I have learned to just say OK on most stuff she brings to us Ha Ha but it is fun to question her just for the explanations at times.

  11. "a flexitarian"

    HAHHAHAHAHAHA...OMG, I've never heard that before, but I LOVE it!!!!

    WOW!...what a great day you all had! The food sounded YUMMY! I love Sizzler too! Especially the dessert bar!

    Oooooo....I can't wait to hear if Sally is pregnant. Please let us know, ok?

    Oh, and btw, do you have any of that ice cream cake left? If you do, could you email me a piece?


    FAB post, buddy!

  12. Hey Ron,

    Working on emailing that ice cream cake---scanner is getting kind of messy so let me get this figured out Ha Ha

    Will let you know for sure on Sally:)

  13. I love the new word Flexitarian. I fit that group well.

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend with soooo much delicous food...drool.

    I hope she is pregnant, that would be soo cool!

  14. Hey Heather,

    That was a new word for me too, I always expect new words from her some are interesting like this one.

    I bet we know for sure before long on whether we have a colt on the way or not---looking like maybe so.


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