Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Letting It Go

Rants and raves come and go and ranting on our blogs is part of life and all of us are expected to throw one out there once in a while because we all need each other to help us get through the stuff that life throws at us. Ranting gets things off your chest, raving defiantly gets it off your chest just in a louder manner, one of those that require all CAP LOCKED LETTERS or stuff written in all Bold Letters, whatever it takes just do it and let your friends be there for you.

Now if you want to rant and rave just because you can and you have no intention of ever letting it go, then how can you ever expect to get over anything and how can you expect your friends to actually understand you? People are going to be themselves no matter what you think they should be and they are going to handle situations in their own manner whether you think it is right or not, so my suggestion is to not worry about what anyone else is doing unless it is directly affecting your life and if their actions are invading your life then you have a right to bitch but if what they are doing is in their own space then your bitching is falling on deaf ears and rightly so.

We all have a right to our own opinions but we should never force our opinions on others when they have a different one, and we should never expect someone to act in a manner of our choosing because that is not how life works. If you have made a mistake then apologize and make amends by letting it go, if you feel someone should follow your rules then you are asking a bit much and you have no right holding a grudge against those who are not involved directly.

We are all different people and that is what makes us great, our differences keeps life going in a fun and interesting manner, if everyone was the same and followed each others demands the we would be no more than a flock of sheep and life would be unbearably boring, so rather than being boring let us all have a fun life enjoying each others differences.

This post points at no one directly it just gets a few thoughts off my chest, if you have an opinion on this subject throw me a comment, if you feel your ears burning thinking I am pointing at you then take a look in the mirror and ask the person you see what you can do to make amends for the actions that are making you feel pointed out.


  1. I love you guys, so I sure as heck hope you aren't pointing a finger at me. I don't THINK I've done anything... have I done anything... ? Crap, hope Cindy isn't mad 'cause I said you're cute, or handsome, or whatever it was I said. You wouldn't let her hurt me, would you?

  2. I try not to rant. I probably should vent a little when I get irritated, but I usually don't. I read some good advice about keeping a completely private blog to write about things you normally wouldn't say out loud or to somebody. That it helps keep your thoughts on track or what not. It sounds like a good idea. It could be for more than rants too, like genuinely private things. Something to consider.

    I love how people are different. The uniqueness is what intrigues me. I could not imagine everyone looking alike or thinking alike. I appreciate our differences and celebrate them.

  3. I guess what I look for in the blogs I read is optimism, self- reflection and a positive attitude...even when things are bothering someone. Of course that is what I love about your blog Jimmy....your positive attitude and sense of hope and joy. I hate to think someone out there might have irritated you enough to write a whole blog about it. Anyway..knowing you I know you have let it go already!!!

  4. Great thoughts there Jimmy.. As a writer/poet I write whatever needs to come out so I can move on. To write in a manner that would hurt someone else, well, I will break my pencils first..

    The old saying of treating others the way you want to be treated is pure gold..
    Love this reminder for all of us..

  5. I need to read this today, thank you. I struggled last night writing a bit of what I consider a rant-y post but it helped me. It's my blog, my free form of therapy. Those that know me and get my writing will not turn away, they will stand and offer support.
    Mind over Matter. If you matter you won't mind, if you mind you don't matter.
    Have a great day Jimmy!

  6. You are so very right Jimmy. I think I have stated similar things and I know I rant and rave once in a while but I try not to hurt anyone in the process. Like you said, they are OUR blogs and we can write what we like and if people don't like it they don't have to read it do they?

    I hope things are going smoothly in Cindy and Jimmy land!

  7. You've share a PLETHORA of truth in your post here, Jimmy!

    It's one thing to rant or vent on a blog, but I think it's important to find the HUMOR within it.

    Great post, my friend!

  8. I have just done a post about Anonymous Commenter's leaving a load of trash on some people's blogs, and some people are dropping like flies at the moment, which is totally unfair on the people involved.
    I have made, and kept in touch with many "virtual friends", but to see them just leave because these comments is just not right and very upsetting to the people involved.
    We all have our own circles of friends on the Blogosphere, and it is just mean for these people who are so cowardly that they have to hide behind the guise of Anonymous.
    I don't want to vent my feelings on anyone else's site, just to warn them to look out for any of these people, or the people that they care about.
    I can see your point of view, so that is why I kept it on my blog. I really hope that I have not upset you in any way, because yours is one of the blogs that I really enjoy reading.

  9. Sometimes it helps to go ahead and write a big ranty rave, and then just delete it.
    You feel good because you wrote it and got it off your chest, but then it feels good because you didn't send it off to anyone and been unable to take it back!

  10. Some people cant let it go until they accept thier responsibility on the fine line they have crossed.I believe until they do they can never let it go. As far as me I can let it go due to the fact no line here has been crossed.

  11. Thank You Ms. A, and we love you too, I wont let Cindy hurt you OK, and seriously I wasn’t pointing the finger at anyone here, just had to make a point about letting things go rather than stewing about things you can’t change.

    “No regular Jimmy’s Opinion readers were hurt during this post” :^)

    Hey Angelia, I never thought about a different blog just for rants and such, this is a good idea even though I am not sure that I would do it for myself but it is a good thought.

    “I appreciate our differences and celebrate them” this is what makes living life so good.

    You are right Susie, I have let it go as I never actually had a problem, it’s sad when folks try to create problems where there are none, suck it up and let it go because you are only fighting with yourself is what I like to tell people who are like this.

    Thank You Susie, You and everyone else here are keepers in my book as you all know how to vent without causing problems.

    Hey Lynne, This the way it should be as you said you should never write in a manner that is going to hurt someone, break the pencil if you can’t behave yourself so to say.

    “The old saying of treating others the way you want to be treated is pure gold” Amen my good Friend.

    Kerri, I loved the way you put this “If you matter you won't mind, if you mind you don't matter” Our blogs are our space to share our lives and make friends, our true friends will not turn away, Thank You for being here.

  12. Hey Peg, I agree with you that we should write responsibly so to say because these are our blogs and they are a reflection of who we are, ranting is part of that also kind of like it’s not what you say it’s how you say it, we can say what we want but our tone will always show through.

    Cindy and Jimmy land is great, hope it’s going well on your end also :^)

    Thank You Ron, Humor is a great healer when things are looking down, I hope my bit of humor shines through when needed, I respect the truth and having good friends like you Buddy.

    Alice, I read your post on Anonymous Commenters and agree with you 100%, it’s sad if you lose people due to these types, changing your settings to not allow anonymous comments is the best way to stop this, you have done nothing to upset us here, we are proud to have you along for the ride with us.

    Hey Joe, I have actually done that in the past, I used to write everything like this down on a legal pad and just keep it to myself, like you said it’s off your chest and you have not said anything you can’t take back.

    Hi there Kristy, Thank You Lady :^)

    Cindy, Accepting responsibility for your actions is a biggie, I agree with you 100% make amends if you have crossed that line and don’t feel like you have to if you are not involved, getting dragged into someone else’s situation does no more than cause hard feelings and those causing the feelings will need to just let it go.

  13. Are you talking about me?!? LOL Just kiddin! I fully understand and agree with what you are saying. There is so much I would love to rant and rave about on my blog, but my family does read it and some things I just don't want them to know.

  14. Hey Melissa,

    How did you figure out that it was you Ha Ha, I think this subject is one we all relate to and we handle it well.

    Rants not for particular eyes are the ones to be handled as Joe mentioned above, type them out then delete them that way they are off your chest.

    Good to see you my Friend.

  15. Hi...just came across your blog through Patrick Tillets'...love this post! Great thoughts and yes...i am totally in agreement!
    Thanks for "putting it out there":)
    Happy day to ya!

  16. Thank You Dawn, I am happy you enjoyed the post, Pat Tillet is a good man I'm proud you came over and look forward to hearing more from you.

  17. Oh no...no... my ears will be burning, thinking you're pointing at me, Jimmy...haha..
    No..not at all coz I think I didnt do anything...
    Your words were totally true...
    Thanks for the post.


  18. Very well said Jimmy!! Great advice to pass along.... Susan :)

  19. Hey Nensa,

    I am glad that you know it wasn't you :) Thank you so much my good Friend I appreciate you.

  20. Thank You Susan, I just hope others can benefit from it, you know what they say "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink"

    Good to see you my friend.


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