Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Mustang Sally Pregnant
Any Day Now?


  1. OMG...I bet you and Cindy will be handing out cigars!


    Great photo, Jimmy!

  2. I actually was listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn sing "Mustang Sally" on my ipod today.. Tres Cool.. go Sally :-))

  3. Hey Ron, The way it's going the Grandbaby and the Colt are going to show up about the same time.

    Thank You Buddy

  4. I like that song too Lynne, fitting name for a mustang mare huh :)

  5. Hey Ms.A, It's a fly mask we put them on the horses in the summer to keep the flies out of their eyes, they see through them just fine, we have one that gets all nervous if you take his off duirng the summer.

  6. What is he doin ???
    Just pose for you...haha...
    Nice pic!!


  7. Well, I can't wait for this...

  8. Wonderful! Has she taken her Lamaze classes?

  9. Oh my goodness that is so cute!!!! I wonder if her ankles are swollen and she has indigestion at this point!!!

  10. What a beautiful picture! Hope it's an easy birth. Post pictures of the colt pretty please!


  11. I forsee a many great posts of the beautiful colt.

  12. New life is always exciting. It's fun to watch the babies running and prancing and kicking up their back legs.

    I had never seen one of those fly masks before, either. I was going to ask the same question.

  13. are sooo lucky. CONGRATS to you and all of your family. I love the photo. Just waiting, huh? lol :)

  14. Horsie!

    Sorry, it's a tic, I scream out horsie and moo cow all the time. Love horsies and moo cows!

  15. Hi Nensa, I took this one while she was eating, One of our other horses loves the camera and will actually pose for it, I will have to post some of his pictures later :^)

    Good Morning Joe, I am beginning to wonder how long she will hold out, seems as if she should have already had it.

    Thank You Peg :)

    Morning Betty, Maybe we should have signed her up, then she could tell us when it will be coming..Breath!!!

  16. Hey Susie, I think you may be right; she is definitely moody and is not playing well with others right now :^0

    Spot, You know we will be posting pictures of the Colt as soon as it gets here, may be posting pics of the Grandbaby first if Sally don’t hurry up :^)

    Hi there Heather, You know that is right, I just hope we can hold a candle to your pictures, I am impressed at the pictures you are taking :)

  17. Hi Jen, You are so right, new life is a blessing and we are so excited with the new life coming for us.

    The fly masks work really well, as I said before it’s kind of funny one of our horses actually gets himself upset if we take his off during the summer, winter he don’t mind.

    Sure glad to see you today and hope to see more of you, Thank You

    Hey Luisa, Thank You and yes we are just watching and waiting right now, maybe she is waiting for us to stop watching Ha Ha Glad you enjoyed the picture.

    Well Kristy, you would have a lot of chances to yell horsie around here Ha Ha, hopefully little horsie real soon

  18. I have a white mare called Trebour that is just about to give birth too! She is a real poser, just whistle and she will come galloping to see you...and she is very vocal too!
    I have seven horses, four that I stable for friends and a Shetland pony that I stable for my niece, so that is twelve of them all together.
    We are going to have to compare photos of our new babies!
    Hugs to you both!

  19. Hey Alice,

    Their personalities are amazing, horses are such wonderful creatures, the horse of ours in the picture is one we rescued, she was turned out and found malnourished and with pneumonia and nursed back to health, evidently along the way she became pregnant which we didn’t find out until after we had her for a while which is the reason we don’t know exactly when she was bred.

    Yes we will definitely have to compare photos :^)

  20. That is soo sweet, thank you!

  21. I can't wait to see pictures! I bet Cindy is so nervous. :-D

  22. Hey Heather, You are very welcome my Friend.

    Angelia, Cindy is freaking out, the horses belly is dropping more and we just got a call they may induce labor on our Daughter-in-law on Monday which will be a Road Trip for us :^)


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