Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little Bird Told Me

OK what about the whole Twitter craze, yep I got me a net and caught one of those follow me twitter birds but to make it work I had to get me one of those accounts that go along with it, now I am not an official tweeter whatever that means.

How many of you tweet and how long did it take you to figure the whole thing out? I am thinking it is not such a big deal, heck if I can blog then I should be able to tweet, or if nothing else I can blog about tweeting or not being able to tweet, whatever the case may be. If you are a tweeter I sure hope you love it because I did give it a try but my brain just won't keep up.

On to another flock of birds, I know you all have been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering about Cindy’s Chickens, I know you all remember the flock of chicks Miss Cindy got back in June, well the big event has arrived, we are now finally getting eggs, yes even little Bossy Betty is laying, I know that at least one of you will be proud to hear this.
This group of chickens we were told would lay a bluish greenish egg, the Americana/ Americauna/Easter Egger or whatever breed the feed store sold us, all six chicks were supposed to be the same and from the start I thought we had three different breeds, two black chicks that have been very mellow from the start, three red looking ones with feathers around their faces, and Bossy Betty who I think just may be a type of Bantam or small game chicken but I am not a chicken expert, I do know this one has always been the smallest and a bit more aggressive than the rest.

Now that they are laying we are getting brown eggs and one that is almost white, from all my deductions I have come up with the answer that the black chickens are laying the brown eggs, Bossy Betty is laying the tan almost white one, I know this because while looking into the nesting box I actually saw one drop from her little behind, she wasn’t real happy with being spied on and I really didn’t enjoy the show either, the last couple days the red chickens are now laying blue green eggs, so my conclusion is three different colors of eggs adds up to three different breed of chickens.
Now to sum up my little bird story if any of you are chicken experts fill me in on what I have here other than some really good tasting eggs, and anyone who is an expert on twitter, God Bless Ya, I'll just stick to raising egg layers, because a little bird told me that I can do this.


  1. Jimmy is a tweeter! I feel so behind the curve! I am proud of you though.

    I think you are right on the chickens. I'm not a chicken expert either but the three diffeent types of eggs sure lends itself to being three different breeds in my opinion!

  2. Hey Peg, Talking about being behind the curve I thought I was doing good until I tried the tweeting Ha Ha, it'll work I keep telling myself

    Yep I definitly think three different breeds due to the different egg colors, can't go wrong with the fresh eggs though.

  3. I might be a twit, but I don't tweet! Let us know how it goes. Now, Bossy Betty has every right to bbe upset that someone was spying on her while she was dropping a load, after all, she is a lady!

  4. Ah Bah Humbug! This computer stuff makes me go a tad mad;)
    I am a Twitter-er...but have no energy left to do it.
    It moves to fast for my small brain;))
    So my account sits. for chickens....THAT I would try my hand at. As long as my kids collected, fed, washed, and monitored the entire thing:))
    Good for you for "expanding" into new areas:))
    Seems like I need to grow a bit!

  5. Bossy Betty is a hen! That is so funny!
    I don't text or talk on the cell phone much, so I'm not EVER planning on tweeting!
    I'm no an expert on either chickens or eggs, but I sure like they way they taste! I also used to work on a chicken ranch. That's right! Shoveling chicken guano....It burns!

  6. Okay, first I have to say...I LOVE your Charlie Brown Christmas background - it's faaaaaaaaaabulous! It put a HUGE smile on my face. You are so creative, Jimmy!

    I had a twitter account over a year ago and ended up deleting it because I just didn't see the point. I know that many people thoroughly enjoy it, but I don't feel as though I can communicate using only 140 characters. Blogging, for me, has been my favorite way to connect with people, communicate, and share.

    But I think it's great you're giving it a go! Like I shared, many people really enjoy it.

    I have to chime in with Peg....

    "I'm not a chicken expert either but the three diffeent types of eggs sure lends itself to being three different breeds."

    Love the black chickens. I've never seen a chicken that color!

    Hope you had a FAB Monday, buddy!

  7. Hey SuziCate, I'll let you know how it turns out, still kind of confusing to me Ha Ha Yes I try to not look into the nesting box during her laying time anymore, she did explain it to me, I think she was explaining I am not sure because I don't speak chicken.

  8. Hey Dawn, Yes it does move a bit fast for some of us, yes I am in the us group that likes it a bit slower Ha Ha

    Chicken Ranching is about my speed, and as Cindy’s Dad pointed out after all the building I did for a pen and coop and the cost of the food we now have forty dollar eggs Ha Ha, the cost will even out as the egg numbers rise I hope :^)

  9. Pat, I don’t even own a cell phone for myself and the texting confuses me so I have a feeling the tweeting will do the same, but I am going to give it a try anyway Ha Ha

    Yep we have one carrying Bossy Bettys name, actually the only named one so far.

    Shoveling Chicken Guano yes sir it is hot, they say a dab will do you if you ever use it for fertilizer.

  10. Hey Ron, Good to see you Buddy, I tried a few backgrounds but just had to stick with this one, can’t go wrong with A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    I probably should have asked all of you before I signed up for twitter, but I have it now and will give it a go, never know I just may learn something :^)

    I wondered when we got those chicks if they weren’t different breeds and the eggs tell me that they are, the black ones were the most tame from the start, they actually squat down for me to pet them when I go into the pen and if I don’t they fly up onto a perch so I can reach them Ha Ha

  11. I have a Twitter account, but not that I use it all that often.

    As for chickens, I eat a lot of it. Doesn't matter what color they were. LOL

  12. Hey Matty, Thanks for the follow, I returned the favor my Friend, going to make some time and look around a bit on it :)

    Yes Sir I do like chicken but these will have to remain as egg layers as Miss Cindy has spoiled them Ha Ha

  13. So you got birds on the brain? Alright!

    Those eggs sound good any ol'color. I think that means the chickens are happy and loved, doesn't it?

    Love your Snoopy and Charlie Brown. It brings back great memories.


    I have never ever tweeted, and I do not have a Facebook account- I mean I couldn't keep up with the Millions, minions, uh Kardashinans..... Nope Never Tweeted,

    but I have TOOTED!!!!


  15. Hi Jimmy,
    I've been reading your opinions each morning for at least a month and with a great deal of pleasure. Until this one I've not felt I could add anything useful mainly because I share a lot of your opinions.
    Now I'm moved to say that for someone with your skill at expressing yourself IMHO twittering or tweeting would be a waste of talent so am sorry to see you on that slippery slope. Will it be Facebook next?
    Another pet hate as you may guess.
    Please keep up your opinion pieces and don't be lured away.

  16. So Jimmy is a Twit Man.. haha..I used twitter for about a year and got bored with it. But I would reccommend following Ashton Kutcher b/c he is hilarious, posts some great Human rights links and he's just hilarious..

    Now as far as the cluck-clucks got me.. I have not a clue.Sorry!!
    Enjoy those delish eggs though!!

  17. I really dislike Twitter because I don't really know how to use it although I haven't put forth much effort. I do use it to promote new posts though!

  18. Nah, I don't and won't tweet. My life is too mundane and boring for anyone to want to peek at, which is one reason I stopped blogging.
    I LOVE your chickens! I can't wait till I get me some!

  19. Hey Angelia, Now that you said that I have heard that before about the chickens being happy.

    Bird Brain Ha Ha, I can read between the lines

    Yes John, Go Gamecocks!!

    There are a lot of folks on those other sites; I really have a hard time keeping up because it does move a bit fast for me.

    Tooting now that’s more likely a talent I can handle :^)

    Hey Holmesfan, I am so proud to have you in our little family, Jimmy’s Opinion will remain the same as I have no plans of spending any less time here, tweeting will most likely be used to promote our site here as I have no intention of moving there full time, I like this format much better.

    Thank You for your kind words my Friend.

  20. Good Morning Lynne, Yes a lot of folks talk of tweeting and the bad thing about it is you have to sign up to even give it a look unless I missed the look at me link Ha Ha

    Sure like our other birds as they do provide some good eggs :^)

    Hey Tress, Like you promoting my page will be the best thing to do with it, it is confusing for me though so it may not be worth it, it is beginning to look like I should have blogged about twitter before I signed up :^) I am getting the same feeling about it from you all.

    Joe, My good friend, your life has a lot of qualities that show you are a good man, I always enjoyed reading your stories and look forward to the day when you post again.

    Yes get you a flock of chickens, it’s been a number of years since I have raised any and we are sure enjoying having them now.

  21. I'm afraid of chickens. One flew at me and I nearly died from terror. I like eggs though.

  22. Hey Linda, I suppose we have to deal with the chickens to get the eggs sometimes :)

  23. i am on twitter and i totally tweet and twat daily it gets addictive sometimes only because i've made friends with a great group of people that way and they keep me entertained daily. so welcome to twitter and yes i am following you so beware.

  24. Hey Becca, I am watching over my shoulder now Ha Ha

  25. OK I did give it a try and tweeting is a good thing for some just not me it appears, so I will just go out and check the eggs, I may not get any tweets there but there are a few clucks :)


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