Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are You Ready?

Looking back what is the first Christmas you can remember and what is the most important thing you remember about Christmases past. This can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, but looking back I hope you can smile at some of the memories you may have not thought of in a while.

In the story A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is taken back and made to look at how good things were in his past, how some opportunities he passed up could have made his life better, and how choices he made turned him into the evil lonely man he is now.

I hope none of you are taken away by a ghostly spirit on a trip like this, I just want you all to look back and remember those who are no longer with us and smile, look back at your first Christmases together with your spouse or children, look back on that Christmas you were so excited and worked up worrying about getting that special gift that actually showed up just as you expected, and look back and remember what the season is all about because without Christ we would have no Christmas.

Christmas present, no I didn’t say Christmas presents I’m talking Christmas right now as we speak, how do you feel about yourself right now? Go and look in the mirror and have a good look, I mentioned before how this time of year we can get ourselves into a mood where nothing seems to be going our way, depression is normal for a lot of people and if you are there tell that person looking back at you that they are great and everything is going to be just fine, you can’t change Christmases Past so don’t let things that are out of your control decide how your Christmas Present will be.

Now after your little talk, wish that person in the mirror a Merry Christmas, turn around and go out and have yourself a Merry Christmas with your friends and family, they are depending on you to be happy as we all wish for our loved ones to smile, Christmas is all about joy and giving and this is a day we should put our worries on the back burner and laugh for a change.

Christmas future or Christmas yet to come, none of us know what is going to happen in the future, but what we do right now will have a strong bearing on that, one day people will look back and talk about Christmas past and laugh at how happy you were on that fine day, don’t let your worries now change someone’s Christmas past in the future into a sad time because you make your Christmas Present a bummer worrying about a Christmases yet to come.

Plan yourself a Merry Little Christmas because, yes it is almost here and no matter how much planning you do it will turn out just fine.


  1. A very thought provoking post Jimmy! Christmas "present" is feeling very good. My fifth Christmas was my favorite. It's the first one I remember.

  2. Thank You Pat, I am proud to hear that Present is feeling good as it should. Still trying to pull the earliest out of my mind but I just may be thinking too hard.

  3. My earliest memory is the year my little brother was sick and didn't wake up until late in the morning. He had a green metal ride in car waiting for him under the tree and I was very excited for him. Funny that I have no idea what I received that year!

    I'm very fortunate to have a husband who loves Christmas and always wants to make it special for all of us.

  4. Hey Cocotte, Funny how we remember things like the Christmas with your Brother, the gift he got sticks out in your memory more so than what you got, just proves that the happiness of others is number one to you.

    Your Husband sounds like a good man who loves you and your family, that my friend is indeed a blessing.

  5. Hi You..neighbor man..
    My favorite Christmas was when my oldest daughter was born, her 1st Christmas. I got to play santa and I loved it..
    Now Christmas present, I am embracing with all of the love and goodwill I can grab, keeping some for me and tossing the rest like snowflakes back out into the universe..

    Merry Christmas Jimmy!!!

  6. now that is a very good question and i making me think

  7. Hmmmm...I think each Christmas has a charm of its own. Yet the ones I tend to remember the most are the ones when I was little. Things were much simpler then.
    I enjoy every one in its own season.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Jimmy! Wishing you a wonderful one:)

  8. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas

  9. Hey Lynne, Christmas with the kids are always the best, it is always a joy to do the Santa routine and sit back to see the little smiles.

    Yes embracing all the joy and goodwill coming our direction is a must and the biggie as you pointed out that we sometimes forget is that we must pass it on.

    Merry Christmas to you also my Dear Friend.

    Now Becca, I don’t want you to think too hard on this one OK, Just say you love them all :^)

    Yes Dawn, The simpler times when we were young were special and each Christmas is very special in it’s own way, Thank You my Friend I hope this Christmas is one of the most special for you.

    Thank You Dad, Wishing You and Yours a Merry Christmas too

  10. I always remember our tree reaching the ceiling and being slightly overdressed, my dad went slightly over board with the festivities mainly because his family were quite reserved so he over compensated. When my dad passed away I clung to the big christmas tree for quite some time to hang onto the memories of previous times until one day I could turn to mom and go we don't need a big tree this year if you don't want to. I think it was a sign that the wounds had begun to heal.

    Now my Christmas are joyful as I get to watch my son open his gifts and is told that these items are a way of his family showing him how much they love him and his gift to them is his smile.

  11. Hey Chibi Janine, The memories of your Dad are ones you will always remember, it is always good to look back and remember those days. Wounds do heal and time moves on but the memories are always there and this is a good thing.

    Creating memories with your son now is a blessing and you will make the most of it because of the fun you remember with your Dad.


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