Sunday, December 26, 2010

Doesn’t Really Matter

Looking through the crowd there are all types, the one home for a visit that you keep thinking needs their batteries removed so to say so others can get in a word edgewise, the sibling who wants to be anywhere else but here, and at the same time is so proud they came, Negative Nellie who knows more than anyone and will say anything to prove that she is correct and everyone else is wrong, and the matriarch of the whole bunch who was brought in to join the fun of the day.

Each family has their very own characters, and looking back over my lifetime there have been quite a few, there is always the loner who sits in the corner and speaks to no one, you always have to beg them to come, the drinker who overindulges and says things that really shouldn’t have been said at the time, the preacher who is giving that old evil eye to the drinker while he is attempting to save the loner, while overlooking his own salvation, and the stutterer who fights so hard to get their words out before everyone else finishes the sentences first.

Then there are the kids who learned all they know from these adults, Little Nellie is confiscating all the toys while screaming that they were hers first, the lanky kid in the middle of the crowd is talking so fast not a soul knows what he is saying but yet they listen in amazement of what may be learned, a couple kids hide around the corner attempting to light cigarette butts, while another tells them how they are going to get burned and into so much trouble if they don’t listen to him, but yet there is always a group who play well together while keeping the rest out.

Characters are what this country is made of, each and everyone of us have characters in our family or either we are the character, we sit back and talk about these people and their stories go on for years, there is a lot of laughter spent at their expense and this will never change, but just for fun I wonder what exact trait of mine the characters in my family are laughing about today, or is it that I am the character, doesn’t really matter does it.


  1. These characters make life more interesting, don't they? I'd say you are probably in the cast of characters, but as a very, very good one!

  2. Yes Mam Barb, Characters we are and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

  3. Good Morning Betty, Characters are the life blood of families so to say, without them life sure would be boring, I just hope I am cast in a good role ;^)

  4. So true, Jimmy!

    "Each family has their very own characters, and looking back over my lifetime there have been quite a few..."

    And isn't it funny how each family member brings with them their own unique character? It's the same in my own family.

    "a couple kids hide around the corner attempting to light cigarette butts"

    HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, that was ME as a kid. I would take them out of my mothers car ash tray and re-smoke'em!

    *cough, cough*

    Fab post, my friend!

    Have a super Monday!

  5. Hey Ron, Yes Sir I think all families are basically the same here, we all have those members who are completely unique in their own way and whether or not everyone agrees with them they are family and you have to love that.

    I too have seen a cig or two taken from the tray Ha Ha

  6. Oh my family has so many funny epole I could write a story a day and never run out. I would have to say my Uncle Robert has the most.. Let's see, he was a fireman, a policeman, a mans clothing store manager, sold flowers on the street, etc, etc.. He wore a speedo to the beach.. need I continue.LOL..
    I love family characters.. it makes the re-telling of stories so much fun!!!

  7. I love your CHARACTER, and the fact that you have CHARACTERISTICS that set an example for all us Characters!

    You have blessed me so much!! Our families could get together and you would not know that we were not Kinfolk!!!!


  8. Those characters also add a little bit to each of us...making us the characters we are today

  9. Yup! If everybody was the same, it would be very boring! We have a some of everything in our family! We laugh at each other about it also. Great post Jimmy!

  10. Hey Lynne, I bet we all could do several posts just on Family members, funny you mentioned your Uncle as it reminded me of one of Cindy’s Brothers, we accuse him of being every one of the Village People plus more at one time or another during his life so far Ha Ha, these family members do make the story telling fun, you are so right there :^)

    Thank You John, You never know if we get all of these characters together we just may find that we are kinfolk.

    Amen Chief, These characters are the reason we are the character we have become, kind of cool isn’t it

    Hey Pat, You said a mouthful there my Friend and you are so right, these characters keep life from getting boring, I think we all have a big variety if we just look around at them all.

  11. haha! Oh YES! Characters we have....and I'm SURE I'm not one;))
    Wouldn't the world be a boring place otherwise....

  12. So right Dawn, This old world would be boring without our family characters to liven it up :)

    I am sure we are not the ones they are pointing at..Right.

  13. Fabulous post Jimmy. I think you are the "character" who tells a great story!

  14. Thank You Peg, I am honored my Friend :)


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