Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Small Bookshelf

Reading is a very important part of our lives, we were all taught at a young age to read and appreciate what you have learned, there have been years of textbooks at school teaching us the same lessons our parents learned, and the Bible which we have all read at least part of, which teaches us everything from the lessons of the beginning of the earth all the way to the commandments which teach us right from wrong.

We go back and reread favorites that we have read before and reach out for new material whether it is a new book, blog, magazine or newspaper we are always looking for something to read.

I always enjoyed reading and over the last few years I haven’t read as many books as I would have liked to, in our move I have lost a lot of my reading material due to not having a place to store it, my Bible lays on my desk but I really haven’t picked it up as much as I did in the past.

Today Cindy gave me something I really didn’t expect, a gift that I really appreciate, a gift of unlimited books and reading material with a small bookshelf so to say that will hold it all, yes I now have my very own Kindle, with a leather cover and a couple gift cards to cover several books, yes I have downloaded my first book and will be looking at more just as soon as I hit Publish Post here.

Yes The Bible was my first download because I feel this is an important book to have in your collection and I started reading it again from the beginning, and you know what? I really enjoy reading, and will soon be downloading my second selection.

Thank You Cindy


  1. What a wonderful gift!
    My Bible has been untouched for a long time. Have been struggling in that for far too long!
    Good for you- that may be just the thing you need to stay Inspired to Read more:)

    Hope your day was wonderful!

  2. Woot! Woot! What a faaaaaabulous gift, Jimmy!

    Yaaaaaaay Cindy! You GO, girl!

    A guy I work with just got a Kindle too - and it's amazing how that thing works. It's almost like having another laptop computer!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day, buddy!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. What a great gift in so many ways! Merry Christmas to you and Cindy!!!!

  4. I love to read! But my comment is actually about the backround to this post. (Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the tree.) I have wanted the Charlie Brown tree for a few years. I feel a powerful connection there. Anyway,...I got it today from my one Grandson. I cried and couldn't stop! Every year there seems to be a "cry" gift. This was it! And yup, I gotta get back to reading the Bible, esp. at night. It will hopefully prevent me from having dreams about knockin' boots with,...Andy Griffith? Really?

  5. A great gift, something I will succumb to sooner or later.
    I keep all my books after they have been read, I love to re-read my favorites, just like old movies!

  6. I am an avid reader and always have been. But I love the feel of a book in my hands, so I'm going to stick with reading the old fashioned way while libraries still exist!

    I was doing a read-the-entire-New-Testament last year, but after vacation in August, I was a backslider. Will try something new in 2011 with Bible reading!

  7. Thank You Dawn, Yes I can relate to leaving my Bible untouched for too long, so far this is being taken care of for me, we sometimes need inspiration to read more and I think as you said this is mine.

    Hey Ron, I have looked at them in the past and you remember Martha got one for her Birthday, I was impressed with hers, but for me to have one of my own is a total surprise, Cindy did good.

    Hey Betty, Glad to see you home my friend, I hope your Christmas was a great one, this gift is one that will keep me busy for a long while.

  8. Hello MC, Congrats on getting your Charlie Brown Tree and you are right there is always a cry gift which is the most simple thing at times but to me this is what Christmas is all about, that good feeling inside from those cry gifts.

    Joe, I do the same thing, I so love to reread books and what I am doing right now is reaching back and looking for ones I had before, I know I should look at the new ones too but it’s all in what you like, Yes Sir I think you will like it whenever you get your hands onto one, not to do away with your books but a great alternative so to say.

    Good Morning Cocotte, Yes the feel of a book in your hands is one you can’t replace but on the other hand when you go on vacation it’s easy to carry 3500 books with you this way, always a good selection :^)

    You will get back to reading the Bible like you want, as it appears you already have a plan in your mind.

    Thank You Barb, I am enjoying it already :^)

  9. Yay Jimmy! What a great gift! I know it's the new and upcoming way to get more reading in. I love that the Bible was the first book you downloaded. I hope your new present brings you lots of great joy renews your love of reading.

  10. Oh Jimmy! What a superb gift. Won't say I want one yet because just as Cocotte said the feel of a book in my hands and the view of them on our shelves is part of the pleasure of books. I could be tempted though.
    I'm wondering if you know about the Gutenberg Project which is doing wonderful things with older great books now out of copyright. Check out
    Their ebooks are completely free thanks to voluntary supporters.
    What pleasures you will be having, and headed by the Bible. Magnificent.

  11. Angelia, I have yet but one book downloaded and I love it, I know more will come before long but this one is so impressive :)

  12. Thank You Holmesfan, I have bookmarked the Gutenberg Project and look forward to checking it out further, like you and Cocotte I do enjoy the feel of a good book but this Kindle gives you a whole library of your own choosing in your lap at one time, it is sure worth it my Friend.

  13. What a wonderful gift! My daughter loves to read and her husband bought her a Kindle for her birthday. He calls it "the wife babysitter". LOL

  14. Hey Peg, I am loving this one so far, it just may be the best money Cindy ever spent as it will keep me out of her hair Ha Ha

  15. I COVET!@!!!!! Forgive me!!--but we are shopping after Christmas for ours! I am also looking at the Nook for my wife- since she does magazines too!

    Either way-- I am so happy for you!

    John (Jealous in SC) Mc

  16. Hey John, We have a friend who owns a Nook and she talks highly of it also, you can also get newspapers, blogs, and magazines on the Kindle if I am not mistaken, I will have to look closer at that now Ha Ha

    Thank You my Friend, whichever you decide on she will be happy I know this for sure.

  17. Did you see that almost ALL of the classics are free on Kindle? I love my kindle and always seem to have my face buried in it.

  18. Yes Sir Pat, It does appear all the classics are free, I read your post on the Kindle to Cindy before thinking maybe by my Birthday we could look at them, I was reading mine last night while Cindy watched TV and will be reading it as soon as I am off of here, I could blame this on you so I will say Thank You My Friend

  19. Maybe I can use my Computer for KINDLING and get a.....OK,

    My bad--and true--Pat did have me convinced on his great review a while back!! I think the Kindle id LIGHTERED than the ---OK OK...I'll go to bed now--and read a Nook! BOOK!


  20. Hey John, You can download Kindle for your PC, this is what I did for a while, actually downloaded it after Pat suggested it :)

  21. What a thoughtful gift, oh the joy of being able to take your whole library out with your rather than just a book I wish you many hours of happy reading.

    and finally thank you for taking the time to follow my blog that in a way is a gift to me I wish you a very Happy New Year

  22. Thank You Chibi Janine, I too am proud to have you in our little family here.

    I am so enjoying the kindle, I am still impressed with how it works.


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