Friday, December 24, 2010

Joy And Blessings

Merry Christmas
This past year has been full of changes for us, still settling into our new surroundings we have traveled to witness two of our children marry the loves of their lives, we viewed the sonogram of the little man who became our first Grandson back in August, and went to New Mexico when he was born, witnessed the birth of a colt from beginning to finish and opened the Chicken Ranch which is now providing us with fresh eggs.

Our lives have been filled with many changes and as you know there are more to come for all of us, having loving friends and family is a blessing and I just don’t see how anyone can live happily without them.

For us this past year has gained us many new friends and reconnected us with family we either have not seen in a while or have never met before, we are a long way in miles from a lot of our friends and family members and we miss you more than you know.

Jimmy’s Opinion has kept me busy and a lot of the friends I mentioned above came from good people who chose to read what I had written at the time, and for all of you I say Thank You.

Christmas is a blessing that brings us joy and gives us a reason to reach out to one another, through all the gift giving and meals shared together take time to remember Christ because as I have said before He is the reason for Christmas and without Him we would have nothing.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you, and from our Family to yours may your days be filled with joy and blessings, your years filled with health and happiness, and your heart filled with pride for the friends and family you love and enjoy.
Jimmy and Cindy


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Enjoy!

  2. Merry Christmas Jimmy!!!

    The joy and good heartedness you share here is a gift. We all gain so much from reading your honest, humble words. I personally want to thank you for supporting my words and just being that great next-dor neighbor!!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  3. A Very Merry Christmas to you, Cindy, and your family!

    It's been such an honor and joy getting to know you this past year. I look forward to sharing 2011!

    Have a grrrrrrreat day tomorrow, buddy!

    X to you and Cindy!

  4. Wonderful post. Isn't it wonderful when you see that sonogram of a grandchild? I felt so blessed when I saw our little grand daughter. It has been three years since she arrived and I feel more blessed by her presence every day. Have a great Christmas.

  5. Merry Christmas Barb, I hope you have a blessed day and I sure am proud to have had you join us here.

  6. Hey Lynne, I am so honored to have had you stick around, your friendship is a gift to us also and I am proud to have you as that next-door neighbor everyone wishes for.

    Merry Christmas my Dear Friend.

  7. Ron, Your friendship has been such a blessing to Cindy and I, she still says that you are her friend but I am proud that she shares; I look forward to many more discussions and many more years of growing our friendship my Friend.

    Merry Christmas Buddy, I hope your day is the best.

  8. Thank You Garnetrose, It is pretty amazing to view those sonogram pictures and know that the little soul there is going to steal your heart, funny when we saw this one he looked so much like his Daddy already, I know your Granddaughter holds a special place in your heart and yes my Friend this is a blessing.

    A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. I think your last paragraph said it all. Right back at ya!

  10. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family as well, Jimmy!
    You have truly been a blessing to me with your posts and thoughts in them. I appreciate your honesty and humor!
    You have summed up Christmas in its entirety .... We have quite the reason to celebrate this season. The only Reason.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Thank You Peg, I appreciate you my Dear Friend

  12. Merry Christmas Dawn, I too feel blessed to have you as a friend, I am honored by your kindness and look forward to continuing our friendship in the year to come.

    We do have a very good reason to celebrate, you are so right.


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