Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dear Granny

Dear Granny,

It's been a while since we talked and I thought I'd drop you a line, I know that I should have done this sooner but really didn't know what to say, so here goes.

You were a big part of my life and I am not sure if I ever told you how much you mean to me, I remember on Sundays how we always came to your house after Church to eat, I actually remember coming there even when Papa was still alive, I think that I was only about seven when we lost him, but I can still remember how safe I felt sitting in his lap listening to his stories, they were mostly about Momma ha ha

Easter was always important for us, all the kids got new shoes and clothes and the whole family came to your house for a huge meal, remember that time when Sonya was a baby and Aunt Eloise was holding her at the table, Eloise was serving up food when she noticed gravy sliding off her elbow, just about the time she was wiping a finger through it you said "that ain't gravy Eloise" but it was too late she had already tasted it ha ha

Do you remember that time when Norm, Sissy, Melinda and I were staying with you and it snowed, the lights went out and you took us out for a walk, you gave us all a big pan or a bowl to carry and it felt like we walked all over Easley looking for the best snow, Melinda was so little that the snow was up to her knees, you were a sight carrying her and both of bowls of snow on the way back to the house, you made snow ice cream for us and I want you to know that was one of my best days ever.

I got my first car and used to come and take you for rides, I still laugh at the way you used to play like you didn't like how fast I was going, but the way you laughed, slapped me on the arm and never wanted for the ride to be over with told me different.

That day you had me take you to the DAR sale up in Tamassee was a long day for sure, you remember that old lady who picked up your pocketbook when you put it down to look at another that was for sale, I about died when you and she started playing tug of war with your pocketbook, she was yelling "I saw it first" and you were saying "I don't think so darling, it's mine", your pocketbook never left your arm again ha ha

I don't know why I left South Carolina without saying goodbye, I guess that I thought it was easier, but I do remember you saying that easier ain't always the right thing to do, I'm sorry for not letting you know I was going Granny.

We always kept in touch and after stopping at Mommas you were always the first place that I went when I came home for a visit, you remember that time you went to the bank and got a brand new crisp five dollar bill, you gave it to me even though I tried my best to not take your money, but you said that it was for gas money, that five is starting to get a little worn looking now, because it is still in my wallet.

When I brought Cindy to meet you was a big day for me, you took her right under your wing and treated her like she was your own, you told her so many stories and showed her a love she will treasure forever, you accepted her into our family and opened up to her like she had been around forever.

We never got to spend an Easter with you because before the next one came you had left us, I miss you Granny and I hope you know how much I have always loved you, thank you for teaching me the right thing to do, I hate it that we didn't get to say goodbye, but you left me with so many memories I will never forget you.

Happy Easter Granny,
I Love You,


  1. What a heart warming post, Jimmy. Yesterday, I was telling my hubby my Easter memories of my grandma. She would always hide our baskets in the same spot every year. I guess she either didn't remember or couldn't come up with new ideas!

    Happy Easter! He is risen!

    1. Thank you Bijoux a lot of great memories are made with our grandparents and great grandparents.

      Happy Easter to you my good friend.

  2. Oh Jimmy, I loved this. How I wish I'd had grandparents. If did, of course, but I barely remember what they looked like let alone have contact with. My mother left her childhood home at 18 and never returned, my father's parents were quite elderly when he married my mother. War years had a lot to answer for.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    1. Hello Valerie, I feel very blessed to have had the relationships that I did with my family, this one with my Great Grandmother was very special to me, and the thing about her was she made everyone feel this way.

      Happy Easter to you Valerie.

  3. Beautiful, Jimmy--I'm crying!!

    1. I am honored at your response Lady, Thank you.

  4. That's what happens when the grands leave, we elders kind of take it in stride. I'm sure she never thought of you as the one who left without saying good-bye. When she thought of you, you were probably very young and sweet in her memories.

    1. The way you explain this makes perfect sense, thinking of our own grandson I know that you are 100% right, Thank you.

    2. "that ain't gravy Eloise" but it was too late she had already tasted it."

      OMG Jimmy, that was HILARIOUS! I literally laughed out loud when I read that!

      Beautifully touching memoir, my friend. Just BEAUTIFUL!

      Isn't it something how we especially remember the holidays with our family? Some of the best times included my mother's parents, who were two of the most fabulous people I could have had as my grandparents.

    3. Oh Lordy Ron, I remember that like it happened yesterday, she never lived that one down either ha ha.

      Holiday with family always leave wonderful memories, especially the ones you remember from childhood, I recall you mentioning your mother's parents in other posts it's a blessing to have grandparents like this.

  5. Very touching and heartwarming Jimmy. I'd be lying if I said it didn't get to me.

    My granny died 45 years ago, and I still miss her a lot. Maybe that's because I have very few happy memories from my childhood. Almost all of the ones I do have seem to involve her.

    When people we love died, she would always tell us that they "are never really gone until nobody thinks of them anymore." I never want her to be gone, so I try to keep her in my thoughts everyday.

    1. Very well said Pat, I believe that wholeheartedly that no one is ever really gone until nobody thinks about them anymore.

      Thank you sir


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