Tuesday, January 23, 2018

WFW - The correct diamond

It is again time for our weekly Words for Wednesday challenge, if you want to join in simply grab the prompts and write a story, poem, song, or whatever you choose.

Use some of the words or all of the words this is up to you. Pop over to Cindi's blog Letting the Words Escape and leave either your story in her comments or a link back to where it is posted on your blog.

This week our prompts are:
frisbee, baseball, Winston, truce, Studebaker, diamond
vanish, message, Tokyo, Wanda, twist, maim

The correct diamond

 Raising three children on her own was a responsibility that WANDA took very seriously, she tried to make everything fun and Saturdays at the BASEBALL DIAMOND was always just that. Three times a week Tommy had practice, and a game every Saturday.

Tommy loved playing the game, but his younger siblings had no interest. This left Wanda spread pretty thin, trying to watch the game while also watching little WINSTON with his bag full of action figures, including Godzilla who was currently in the process of destroying TOKYO in the sandpile, Audrey was a little harder to keep up with, she could be sitting right there and then disappear completely only to reappear on the opposite bleachers whispering a MESSAGE into a girlfriends ear, or out in the field beyond throwing a FRISBEE with a group of kids, Audrey is a social butterfly and always on the go.

Wanda had been seeing Matthew for the last year. He was a good guy and really helpful with the kids and they loved him. The only time she had ever argued with him was today! Of all the times he couldn't help her was today, Saturday, the day they always spent together but Matt found this Saturday the one day she really needed his help to up and VANISH. And for what? Some stupid STUDEBAKER or something else, at a car show on the other side of town. They called a temporary TRUCE in their little battle and went their separate ways for the day.

While she was sitting on the bottom bleacher steaming about their fight, Wanda felt someone sit down next to her, It was Matt, and over his shoulder she could see Audrey grinning from ear to ear, Tommy was standing next to her also smiling, while behind him Winston continued his quest to TWIST and MAIM all of the imaginary cities in the sand.

"What's going on here?" Wanda asked. Matt told her "I have a confession, there is no car show today, I had to go and pick this up, the kids helped me choose it" he held out a small ring box with the lid opened as he got down on one knee.


  1. That is so beautiful...brought tears to my eyes.....

  2. What a lovely ending. I wasn't expecting it until he showed up. Very well done.

    Have a fabulous day, Jimmy. ☺

  3. Awwww... what a sweet story. You are a romantic at heart, but didn't we already know that.

  4. Awwww! This is lovely, Jimmy. Heartwarming...and you struck a chord in my romantic heart. A wonderful tale, excellently told.

    Well done! :)

  5. You nailed it. Heartwarming and sweet. I loved it

  6. I think Matt just hit a home run! Well done.

    1. Oh, yeah...I just now got the title! I see what you did there!

  7. Oh my goodness! What a lovely surprise ending :) Well done.

  8. just AMAZINGLY DONE Jimmy!!!

    liked the interesting end
    you are brilliant at this task always

  9. Wonderful. I do like unexpected endings. You do have a way with words, Jimmy.

  10. You always capture our hearts with the use of the Wednesday words.

  11. Awwwwwwww. What a sweet story that I didn't see coming. Good job Jimmy.

  12. Sweet story with a happy ending. What's not to like.

  13. Thank you all, I am truly blessed to have all of your kind comments on this story and I am honored to have you take time to read it.

  14. AWWWWW! Sweet story. (Although, being married to a long-time car guy, I was completely buying the story of him going to a car show...)

  15. Just my kind of story, Jimmy - a happy ending! Well done with those words, not the easiest I would think, but you used them all, and very smoothly.


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