Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chicken With No Name

You really don’t have to leave home to have an adventure, I was waiting for us to go to the Cherry Festival to get some material so to say for my next blog post but needless to say we have not made it there as of yet, I have also been a little behind reading your blogs and answering some of the comments on mine but that does not mean I have given up, I will catch back up, I just wanted to let you know of the fun time we had today.

The last week we had a chicken show up in the horse pasture, we have been watching it scratch around and wait for Cindy to bring out some feed for him to eat, we have gone around to all our friends and neighbors but no one seems to be missing a chicken, a chicken without a family it appears, Cindy is still going out checking on the chicken and bringing water and food for it.
New Family Member, Cindy's Chicken
We have had the discussion on how we are not going into the “Chicken Business” like we did the parakeet business last year, to explain that one we had a white parakeet land on the fence, at first glance I thought it was one of the white doves we have around here so I marched myself out toward the fence like I was going to pick it up, actually looking for a laugh from my Wife when it flew away, but instead I had a white parakeet walk into my hand, to make a long story short the statement was made that we are not going into the parakeet business so we drove to Redlands, Ca and bought a cage, toys, food, and all the parakeet accessories including a Blue Male to keep her company, the white parakeet died on us about a month later and George the blue male is still going strong and has become part of the family, that was a year ago and it appears we are still in the parakeet business.

Now that the statement was made about not going into the Chicken Business we were sitting on the porch early this morning and I asked if Cindy had seen her chicken in the field, she had earlier but not for the last little bit, I mentioned that we should go to the feed store for her to look at all the little chicks I saw when her Dad and I were buying hay:

Cindy: That sounds good but we don’t have a coop or anywhere to keep them.

Me: I said we should go look at them I didn’t say anything about buying them.

Cindy: Then why are we going to look if I can’t buy any?

Me: It’s kind of like going to the Hospital to look at the babies, you just go to look you don’t have to bring one home.

Cindy: If they were for sale I would be bringing one home.

About that time I heard the loud sound of a chicken cackling coming from the neighbors house, the chicken in the field was no where to be seen and I joked to Cindy that her chicken may have left the field and found another home, that would be about right because I did buy feed and had just opened the bag.

Cindy heads out the gate and down the street to the neighbors house and after a little talk with our neighbor Paul we found out that the loud cackling noise was when Paul found this chicken in his pool and was dipping him out, so here we are walking toward our house with Paul carrying this chicken in a net dripping wet, Cindy is thanking him for saving “Her” chicken, now I mention to Cindy that we are not in the chicken business and she mentions to me that she was not chancing this chicken getting back into Paul’s pool and drowning.

After a trip to Home Depot to buy 50 feet of chicken wire, t-posts, buckets, and a whole list of other things I had not planned on, the small job building a chicken pen for Cindy was completed late this afternoon, the chicken is happy and eating just fine and will only drown here if it trips and falls into it’s very own water bowl which is not likely to happen, now I am just waiting for a name and you know as well as I that we will be going to the feed store to look at chicks.

Kind of looks like the Chicken Business doesn’t it.


  1. Good luck with the chicken business! I'm with Cindy... I don't shop if I can't buy. Why bother!

  2. I hope no goats show up before we get this chicken business off the ground Ha Ha

    Yea laying all jokes aside we would most likely adopt just about anything that needed a home :)

    So chicks just may come home from the feed store.

  3. Ha ha, careful bring home chicks, Cindy might not be willing to share. (lame joke)

  4. You really do have a little farm there where you live! Did you ever see the I Love Lucy episode where their chickens lay eggs. I think if you stick to one chicken you will be okay...but be careful...don't get a rooster...or you may really be in the chicken business...they may multiply!!

  5. Jimmy! This is exciting!!! Congratulations!

  6. Enjoy the chicken business.
    I guess you will have to get a rooster if you want eggs.
    I envy you...I want to retire to a place where I can have chickens.

  7. Thank You MC, I appreciate you.

    Ms A, Well if she won't share then I aint going Ha Ha

    Hey Susie, Yes we have a little farm going it appears, I do love it out in the country though, time will tell on the chicken or chickens Ha Ha

    Thanks Betty, this is a fun life

    Good Morning Joe, It appears we had better discuss whether she wants eggs or not, I like it out here a lot better than in town life my Friend, never really thought about it till we moved here but do love it.

  8. OMG...I cannot believe that Susie mentioned the chicken episode on I LOVE LUCY because that's exactly what I was going to say!!!!

    Way to GO, Susie!!!! See...we ARE so much a like - HA!

    Jimmy, I just love when you share these posts about your life in the country - they're always so much fun. And I learn so much!

    I just about died laughing at this...

    " It’s kind of like going to the Hospital to look at the babies, you just go to look you don’t have to bring one home."'re a RIOT!!!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  9. Bless Cindy's heart, good thing babies aren't for sale at the hospital! And yes, I do see chickens in your future!

  10. LOL, I would keep it too. I'm a sucker.

  11. Hey Ron, You have to love the I Love Lucy show and the fact that Susie brought it up Ha Ha

    Life in the country is a lot of fun and being able to laugh just goes along with it.

    Hope your weekend is Great also Buddy!!

    Suzicate, If Babies were for sale we would have a housefull and thats what I am afraid of when it comes to the chickens Ha Ha

    Hey Kristy, You would fit right in around here, not a bad thing being a sucker when it comes to certain things huh, life is good and even better when you can laugh.

  12. Ha Haaa! And I thought it was just my wife and I!

    Awesome Stuff!


  13. If it walks like a chicken, and talks like a's a chicken. Lol.

    We could call your house a chick magnet. :-) I'm betting on baby chicks real soon. It's the force.

  14. Yep, I reckon you ARE in the chicken business now. Cindy and her chicken and me and my kitties. Can't turn em down! You have a good kind hearted woman Jimmy (and you don't do too bad yourself!). I'm thinking there's more to come.

    You made me think about when I was a child and going to my grandma's and gathering the eggs in the hen house. And eating fried chicken on Sundays! OOPS... :-(

  15. I have something for you!!! Come check it out!

    Have a good day!!! :)

  16. Hey John: Looks like we have something in common huh :)

    Angelia: "Chick Magnet" yep that would be us LOL

    Thank You Peg: Yea she is a good hearted woman and she keep me around too :)

    Awesome Sarah: Thank You so much

  17. LOL!! Love it!

    I once had this cat show up on the porch, I ignored it as much as I could. I noticed it had bathroom problems, I mentioned it to hubby. He says "If we spend one dime on that cat, then she comes in to stay" $200+ later, she's a happy cat.
    I think you might know her, it's our pretty Peaches!

  18. Good Morning Heather,

    It's funny how our pets sometimes pick us out rather than the other way around :)


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