Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Riding The White Line

Since we moved to California I have noticed quite a few things that are just different than what I am used to, some things are good I suppose like cell phone towers disguised as trees I think this is pretty cool especially when they are right there in front of your face a fake tree looks a lot better than a tower don’t you think. I have ridden a motorcycle a good part of my life and I think safety is a huge issue because you have so much against you especially in heavy traffic, maybe I am just na├»ve to this but I don’t ever remember being anywhere that it was legal to ride on the white line, I am not sure if this is just an unwritten law as this question was not on the test when I got my California Motorcycle license:

Question 13. In California while riding your motorcycle in heavy traffic which of the following is true:

a. Ride the white line between cars at highway speed to scare the hell out of pass cars ahead of you.

b. Stay in your lane and obey traffic laws unless you want to pass then go around any way you see fit.

c. The white line is a lane divider for cars and a travel lane for motorcycles.

d. All of the above.

Motorcycle Riding The White Line
a motorcycle passing us on our way to Riverside

I didn’t see this question on my test so I guess it could be an unwritten law, I have asked several people and they see nothing out of the ordinary with it heck I actually saw a CHP Motorcycle Officer passing on the white line like he was on his way to something smart even though he had no lights or siren on, didn’t look very smart to me.

In my opinion the white line is a lane divider and if I were riding my bike I sure as heck wouldn’t be riding on that line between cars, things happen too fast and I will not put myself into the situation where I am caught between two cars who are actually in their proper lanes. I know there is a lot of traffic here and the traffic jams are a pain in the rear but I would rather be late getting home than to never make it there because I was stupid.


  1. That would be a scary position to be in! One false move, by either car, could mean instant death. If it didn't kill you, it's bound to hurt pretty darn bad.

  2. I'm with you on this Ms A, some things just don't look right and this is one.

  3. Amazing law...all a person has to do is lose attention for a second and veer into a passing bike...scary

  4. Yes Sir Pat,

    That's all it takes is a split second, it scares me.

  5. I can't tell you that my greatest fear is that I will change lanes and mow over a biker. There have been times when they sneak up on me and but for the grace of God I don't squash them dead like a bug in the road. it seems like here in CA there are some unwritten and accepted "fly by the seat of your pants" rules made up by the bikers themselves. It is all I can figure.

  6. We have some wild, fast riders here on the highways of Dallas/Fort Worth. They scare the wee out of me, doing wheelies and flying past. I am definitely one of those jerk drivers. Something scares me, I might jerk the wheel. I really don't have anything against bikers that are very safety conscious. These that ride the white lines, or go to fast and zip between cars..they are an accident waiting to happen. Scary!

  7. When I lived in California, at traffic school after a ticket they said wherever a bike could fit on a street, it was legal for it to do that.
    It 'creates its own lane' so to speak.
    Now, regarding other cars not paying attention and hitting a bike while changing lanes, that could happen any time, regardless of a lane or white line or anything.
    Which is one reason that, while I have rode bikes in the past off and on, I was never brave enough to take one on the freeway.

  8. So true so true! I hear the traffic in California is crazy!

  9. I get mad because there are signs all over about paying attention to bikers and then the bikers break every traffic law they can.

    I'm sure California drivers are the worst!


  10. Amen, Jimmy!

    All it takes is a car to not see a motorcyle in it's blindspot, while changing lanes.


    Thanks for sharing this, my friend!

    Have a great day!

  11. Oh the answer is "D" all the above. Do I pass? Do I get a fancy prize for getting the answer correct?

  12. We yell out "Highway Hamburger" when we see a motorcyclist doing this!

  13. Hey Susie, Yes this is one I still can't figure, I have ridden most of my life but never did this, to scary for me.

    Yes Angelia, An accident waiting to happen for sure.

    This explains it some Joe, I am like you about a bike getting hit at anytime this just seems to increase the chances in my opinion, I sure want to get a trike for myself now but like you would be afraid to get on the freeway.

    Hey Cindy, Since we have been here it depends on the time of day, it's all or nothing I suppose.

    Yes Spot, I'm big on biker safety but you can't get mad at someone else when a biker breaks the rules, I lost a good friend in a bike accident who was obeying the rules but the law wanted to lay blame on him anyways :(

    Yes Sir Ron, Thats kind of what happened to my friend he was passing a semi in the left lane when the truck made a left turn into him from the right lane.

    Hey Melissa, You got that one that means you don't even have to study for the California Motorcycle License test :) Seriously I would have had a good laugh had it been on mine.

    Hey Betty, I had a feeling you have seen this more than once.

  14. whoa....I am not reading this one to hubby!!!

    Hubby is a white liner. It scares the crap out of me, so he has been good to not do it when I am with him. There is no reasoning with the boy, I guess he will do it till he is told not to (by someone higher up than me).

  15. Hey Heather,

    I suppose if he is comfortable with it then so be it huh, for me we have a lot against us already as far as safety in traffic goes with people not seeing us so this is why I wouldn't chance it unless it was an emergency situation where I had to get out of the way.


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