Thursday, July 29, 2010

Buy One Get One Free

Most of you who have been with us for a while remember when we went down and adopted Cindy’s horse “Mustang Sally” and you have read that we had the suspicion that she just may be pregnant although when we asked the shelter workers if Sally was pregnant the answer was “Not that we know of” well about 8:20pm last night the answer came to us. I made the joke this morning while we were out viewing the newest member of our family that the shelter actually gave us a good deal because it appears we got a Buy One Get One Free deal.

Sally began acting like she was having a few labor pains and contractions yesterday so our watch on her was a bit closer than normal, she actually laid down once and rolled a bit while she did a little stretching routine, when she stood her shape was beginning to change a bit, her belly had a noticeable lump that was not there before and it doesn’t take a genius to figure what was happening.

About 8:00pm she began to get a bit agitated and Cindy yelled for me to come out because it appeared Sally’s water had broke, by the time I got out her bag was hanging out, it looked like a white balloon sort of and then out popped a leg, Sally was still walking around at this point, she pushed a bit and the nose appeared next to the hoof of the other front leg, she laid down at this point and out came the head, I could see the blaze of white between his eyes at this point, she had a hard time due to the other leg being bent a little but did a fantastic job of delivering this baby, at the end she was so worn out that the colt had to kick his back legs out on his own bringing himself fully into this world around 8:20pm last night.
Midway through the actual birth
She seemed to ignore him a bit at first and we were all worried for a little while until he tried to stand and bumped his head on the pipe corral, he laid back and gave out a soft whinny which was pretty neat to hear and Sally looked back at him and answered with a whinny of her own, this is when the Momma came out in her, she began cleaning him up and nudging him to stand which he soon did and this morning he is actually attempting to run a bit and is doing the nurse for a bit, run around, then lay down and nap routine.
It was amazing to watch this birth from start to finish, it was a blessing that he came into this world as strong and healthy as he appears considering the problems Sally had been through before we got her, I wanted to share this miracle of life we got to witness last night with you and hopefully the Grandbaby will follow pretty quickly because it appears Granny and Papa just may have him a pony already.


  1. Amazing. What a blessing indeed!

  2. Ohh!!! That is so wonderful!!! It's good to have a pony!!

  3. Yes MC, It was amazing to watch and to see him today is pretty impressive :)

    Hey Betty, Cindy is already calling him Benji I suppose that will be a fitting name for Benjamins pony :^)

  4. I think it is just so amazing the way they stand up and walk right away!

  5. OMG....that is beautiful. The birth of a baby anything is a wonder to behold. That is such a precious photo jimmy!!! Now onto he human baby about to change your lives forever!!!

  6. I have been waiting for this news. Perfect timing. :) I am sooo happy for you guys. What a miracle. You are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing the amazing photos. They remind me of the days when I was growing up on the farm and got to witness...and help with.... a lot of births. :) The very best to you and your family. :)

  7. Marvelous.. so glad Mom and pony are fine.. and the pictures.. beauty-full..
    Thank you Jimmy...

  8. WOW WOW WOW, amazing! What a great deal, huh?! Thanks for sharing this with us, Jimmy.

  9. Hey Joe, I agree it is so cool how quick they get up, heck this little guy was up and going about half an hour after he was born, less than 24 hours later he is running a bit.

    Yes Susie, The actual birth was pretty amazing we so enjoyed watching this miracle and like you said the next birth will be one to change our lives completely.

    Thank You Luisa, I am so happy that we were able to witness this event and actually got a few pictures to share with you all.

    Hey Lynne, They both are doing really well, I am so impressed at how good of a Mom she is turning out to be.

    SuziCate, Yes this is such a blessing for us, Buy one get one free is a deal you just have to love :^)

  10. OMG, Jimmy....I got tears in my eyes reading this!

    What a BEAUTIFUL moment! He's so handsome! Did you name him yet?

    "he laid back and gave out a soft whinny which was pretty neat to hear and Sally looked back at him and answered with a whinny of her own"

    Oh, how sweet!

    I'm so excited for you and Cindy!


    And thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  11. Hey Ron,

    Cindy is calling him Benji since he will most likely become Benjamins pony and Benjamin will be born just any time now, Benjamin of course is the Grandbaby that is on the way.

    I am so proud that you enjoyed the pictures and post Buddy because it was awesome to watch :^)

  12. Awww, he is just soo cute! What a little miracle to have survived such hardships in the beginning of her pregnancy. His white mark looks like a thundercloud, too cute!

    Congrats to all! I'm sure hr is going to make a great pony for the grandbaby.

  13. Wooww... congratulations, jimmy !!
    That's like a miracle.. You're really lucky could watch the baby birth from start to finish..
    And it's amazing that the baby can walk/run..??next morning after her birth...woww!!
    so you both now will become a granddad and grandmom...haha..

    thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story.

  14. Congraulations! That is amazing...
    Nature is incredible. In the wild you better be able to run shortly after birth to survive...I think this little one was born into a nice family.

  15. Hello Heather, Yes this was a valid concern for us knowing the hardships she had been through she continues to impress me. By the time we get him trained the grandbaby should be ready to ride :^)

    Hey Nensa, I was so happy that we were there to watch the complete birth it was so amazing, and yes we will be Grandma and Grandpa real soon our Daughter in law is ready to give birth just anytime now.

    Thank You Pat, This one came into the world strong, had he been in the wild I think he would have been in front of the pack, Nature is incredible my Friend you are so right.

  16. Congratulations you two!!! What a miracle... I loved the pictures! Susan :)

  17. The miracle of birth is amazing to wathc no matter the species. Congrats to the whole family, both horsey and human.

  18. Hello Susan, Thank you and I am proud you enjoyed the pictures.

    Peg, You are so right and our cup runneth over here so to say right now, you have to love that.


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